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  • Stefan Durina 02:07 on June 5, 2019 Permalink |
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    Turbado makes owning an iPhone better. 

    Turbado makes owning an iPhone better. Turbado doesn’t want you to suffer from FOMO.

    “Fear of Missing Out.” It’s a real thing. You may have experienced FOMO yourself.

    Maybe your friend got the latest and greatest iPhone from Turbado.

    Then your friend bragged about how the iPhone they got from Turbado comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Which is important because your friend is also notorious for dropping phones in the sink…when the sink is full.

    …And dropping his phone in parking lots. Where it gets its screen cracked.

    …And that one time your friend just decided he was sick of his iPhone problems and he threw it into an active volcano, only to somehow get it back a few minutes later. Wow, that must have been hot.

    Oh, no FOMO. Your friend has a better iPhone service than you. Not just a lifetime warranty from Turbado…but it also comes with Turbado’s premium service.

    Turbado gives you…hold onto your wig…because there are lots of benefits to buying your iPhone through Turbado:

    1. Next business day repair or exchange. Awesome.
    2. Anytime upgrade. Genius.
    3. Anytime return. Jackpot!
    4. Out of Warranty repairs? No problem.
    5. Free back rubs. OK, this one isn’t true. Yet.

    People all over the country are turning to Turbado for the ultimate iPhone experience.

    Don’t throw your iPhone in a volcano. Again. Turbado customer service will make you love your phone every step of the way.

    Get Turbado. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in an iPhone experience…but better.

    Disclaimer: Turbado does not endorse the throwing of anything into an active volcano.

  • Stefan Durina 07:15 on June 3, 2019 Permalink |
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    What is Turbado – a PaaS 

    Turbado logo new

    Turbado is a Product-as-a-Service company, we turn products into services.

    Customers don’t buy iPhones from us, but order an iPhone and get with it extra benefits:

    • lifetime warranty
    • next business day repair or exchange
    • anytime upgrade
    • anytime return
    • out of warranty repairs
    • 100% recycling, no waste goes to landfills

    and all at a very competitive price, and pay as you need the service, customers always get the best value through us, for any need they have.

    Effectively once first time buyers become our customers, they have no better alternatives to the services we offer, and they can choose what they want when the event occurs, no need to decide in advance.

    Our strategy is simple:

    1) Acquire first time buyers

    2) Take care of them as if they were our customers

    3) Convert them into our customers

    4) Take care of their needs for a lifetime

    The 1) stage is the most capital intense and least profitable, here we today work with 7M euros and did 165M turnover last year

    2) this stage is where we try to shine the most in customer support and in the ease of dealing with us

    3) this stage we try to lure them in to our ecosystem and get them to understand the benefits of staying with us and using our services anytime they need them, no need to look for other solutions, we know best

    4) keep them happy, take away their worries, deliver them best solutions on the go, for a lifetime

    Basically you can view Turbado as a curated ecosystem for the iPhone, where we help you to solve any problem you have, either in-house or with the best possible partners on the market, always looking for the best price to value ratio.

    And extend that to any brand, not only Apple, to any category of electronics, not only phones, and to any country, not only UK. That is Turbado

  • Stefan Durina 04:39 on April 26, 2019 Permalink |  

    1.5 Million Customers can’t be wrong 

    Turbado is Simple and Easy:

    instead of buying an iPhone, buy it as a service. Pay less upfront, low or zero monthly fees and return it anytime you are done using it, either for second hand resell or recycling.

    If your returned phones still holds any value, we refurbish it and sell it for you on ebay, so you can buy a new phone again and not worry about the old one.

    We keep maintaining your phone as long as you are using it, giving you a lifetime warranty.

    1. Our customers pay less to get their phones and electronics
    2. They can return them any time and get money back
    3. They get warranty for as long as they hold the device
    4. We help them to find a new home for their unwanted items
    5. At the end of life, we recycle responsively, zero waste ends up on landfills

    All that with superior unexpected customer support, fast delivery, next business day repair or exchange.

    No wonder Turbado won the best mobile phones company in several countries.


  • Stefan Durina 14:06 on November 8, 2016 Permalink |
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    Turbado pays investors out monthly 

    ps4 1tb mafia 3

    Turbado just paid out interest to its investors the first time. Our software keeps track of each investment and every month pays out automatically 6-20% p.a.

    So if you invest 20000 eur, we offer 12% p.a. interest rate, what earns you 200eur monthly.

    Investor’s money helped us to buy 86″ LG TV’s and make a very nice profit on them, and in the next round, thanks to the investor’s money we were able to buy in big quantity the new SONY PS4 1TB slim + Mafia III consoles and this way we made extra 10 eur / unit.

    We wish we had more investors who would like to see their money work hard for them, gaining them 20% p.a. interest on an investment over 100 000eur.


  • Stefan Durina 18:46 on October 10, 2016 Permalink |  

    How Turbado uses investor’s money 


    Last week one of our customers invested 20000 eur in Turbado. We give him 12% p.a. interest, paid out monthly, so he gets 200 eur a month as long as he wants.

    We found a good job for his money, so it works hard for him and helps Turbado to grow into the next billion euros business. We bought 5 pieces of LG’s new Super UHD 4K Quantum Display LED TV and listed them on Amazon, eBay and other marketplace in 7 EU countries we operate in. Purchase price 4900 Eur, sales price 9200 Eur and our profit 2700 Eur per piece.

    It took us 10 days to find the 5 customers, 2 days to deliver the product and the initial investment of our customer. You can Invest today as well, interest paid out monthly, and see your money work hard.

    This is what we do, we build money making machines.

  • Stefan Durina 19:03 on October 26, 2015 Permalink |
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    Turbado wins 3rd place SHOP OF THE YEAR 

    Last week our Hungarian Turbado secured the 3rd place of the SHOP OF THE YEAR competition, in the popular category of Consumer Electronics:

    Turbado orszag boltja


    The SHOP OF THE YEAR competition is designed to provide users a post-purchase evaluation of real customers, voting for the company providing the highest quality service and operating the most popular websites, combined with the popularity of online shopping. The awards were given out by Tomas Braverman: shop of the year

    Our shops in 5 countries served over 45 000 customers in the last 12 months, achieving a yearly turnover of 12M euros and customer satisfaction of 99.7%.

    We need an investor to grow. The next one million Euros will enable us to fulfill 400 orders a day and serve 120 000 customers a year, to open our shop in the next country (6th country). We can offer a 20% yearly interest rate, interest paid out monthly to your bank account (16667 eur a month from 1M euros). We are looking for only one investor of the first Million euros, after that we will offer “only” 8% pa. interest rate. The investment is to be used only for buying inventory and for the waiting time until we get the payment from customers (Cash on delivery, paypal, different marketplaces…). Are you able to help us?

  • Stefan Durina 16:04 on August 30, 2015 Permalink |
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    Turbado | A money making machine 


    turbado funnel

    Put the right ingredients to the Turbado funnel and see this machine making money for you:

    Investors, Marketplaces, Suppliers, Factoring, Payment Processor. When you input all these in Turbado, magic happens, money is made. How Turbado makes this magic happen, is a story of its own. What we describe today is the necessary input to turn our machine on. (Help us to find the right ingredients and get paid 1000 Euros!)


    The ideal source of company funding is our satisfied customer. We want our customers to become our investors, to share success with us and to love us even more. We are inviting our customers to invest as low as 15 Euros now and receive monthly interest to their bank account. A transparent, safe and easy to make investment that pays immediately. We are also inviting those of you who think big, to invest big.


    Our next customers are already waiting around the corner to spot our great offers. Marketplaces help our customers to compare these offers and decide for us. And we make sure the customer is well satisfied with his choice. We must be present where shoppers are going. Our power is not to tell you what to buy, but to offer you the best deal for what you want. We are always looking for an efficient way to bring in new customers. Maybe you have a suggestion in this field?


    Quality in a product is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out. Our customers are always happy about us, about our services and about the product itself. We don’t buy what the suppliers want to sell, we are looking for products our customers want. And because we believe we make money when we buy the products, it is then very easy for us to sell them. And it is very good for you to be our supplier as well. Let’s work together, grow together and make money together. Supply us and give us a credit line.


    Our customers are happy also because we accept every method they want to pay us. We even take their old electronics to pay for a new iPhone. And many times it means we must wait for 14 days or more to collect payments. This is where our financial and factoring partner comes in, with accounts receivable financing. We sell our receivables and collect money within 24 hours, so we can go out and put this money work hard for us in the next deal. Buy our secured receivables, customers’ money is on the way to you with a little profit atop from us.


    Believe it or not, in today’s connected world it is still difficult to receive money from customers instantly. Our customer pays when making an order, he is charged instantly, we are shipping out products the same day and delivering physical products across Europe the next business day. But the money, which are a bunch of 0’s and 1’s, take much longer to come to us, if we were to use any payment processor. We prefer to work with FAST payment processors, where we pay low fees (below 1%), get money instantly or within hours, have mid-market +0.5% exchange rates, and are able to receive payments within EU in ANY country. If you know such a company, let us know now.

     *if you know of any partner we should be working with, and we will be satisfied with them (working with them for 3+ months), then let us know and we pay you 1000 Euros for this information. Please note we are not paying for information about Marketplaces, and we are paying only for big investors (100k+ Euros investment).

  • Stefan Durina 10:13 on August 27, 2015 Permalink |
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    Turbado is looking for investors 


    • invest 100k – 1M Euros
    • 20% p.a. interest rate
    • interest paid out monthly
    • secured by inventory and company shares
    • extra bonus for investors

    Invest in a proven company with internet shops in 5 countries, very high customer satisfaction (99.7%), above average margins, with low operation costs, able to sell products quickly (14 days average) and receiving 200+ new customers daily. Investor’s money is used for inventory and cash flow financing. It takes 7-14 days to collect payments from end customers (Cash On Delivery 7 days, Marketplaces hold money for 14 days, PayPal and other payment providers 7 days…), so it takes us 14 – 28 days to get products at competitive prices to our warehouse, list them in 5 countries, sell them, ship them out, collect payments and repeat.

    We believe that we should make money when we buy the products. As a great example are the popular GoPro cameras, which we sell daily 10+pieces. We can buy them daily from a local distributor for 365 Euros or we can buy 100-200 pcs at once from traders in Poland for 310 Euros. And the same applies to almost all commodities we sell. We must have great products at great prices on stock, so our customers get good deals, quick deliveries and a great customer service.

    We are able to pay out monthly interest, so you as our investor get your earned money regularly, you are always able to see LIVE what products we have on stock, how much money we are awaiting from customers, how much money we have on hand and how much stock is incoming. So you are always up-to-date with our company health and you can see that your investment is doing fine and thanks to it our company is growing and is able to generate profit.

    Contact us now for more details or send an email to Stefan Durina @

    And as an extra bonus, we will take care of your smart phone needs, exchanging your old phone every year for the newest models. We give you the newest iPhone every year.

  • Stefan Durina 11:44 on August 10, 2015 Permalink |
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    Turbado 2.0 – second phase initiated 

    Turbado phase 2

    Before we sell our company for 100+ Million Euros, we must grow to one million orders a year, 350M euros turnover, 14M euros profit and keep our high customer satisfaction level.

    And to come closer to our target, we are launching the second phase of our project:

    Phase TWO:

    • Get local distributors to use our platform
    • Setup logistics from third party warehouses to the final customer
    • Keep very high customer satisfaction
    • Sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible
    • Repeat

    The first project of Turbado 2.0:

    Launched a week ago in Czech Republic, listed on local marketplaces and price comparison websites, we take all products from local IT distributors, and thanks to our business model, we are able to sell their products at lower prices. After a successful testing period, we will offer their products also in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Germany, in every country we are active in. Then we get new suppliers from other countries, start them in one local country, and after the test period we get them on every other market we are present at.
    Our aim is to grow to 700 orders a day in December 2015, from the current 250-300 orders a day.

    Basically from our suppliers we need:

    • XML with product availability and export prices,
    • quick deliveries to our warehouse,
    • we need our suppliers to prepare packages for the final customer, with our invoice and our shipping label,
    • a credit line of 7-30 days
    • accept back customer returns within 14 days,
    • and help us with warranty repairs.

    For every company working with us, it could be a big boost in growth. Not only in their local market, but in every EU market with virtually no extra work needed, nothing to risk.

    We will be attending IFA Berlin in September 2015, if you want to meet us there and discuss further, we would be happy to do that.

  • Stefan Durina 09:52 on May 18, 2015 Permalink |  

    Turbado | 40 Angry customers in one day 


    Last week Thursday in Hungary, as every other day, we handed over around 40 packages to GLS courier for next business day delivery.

    Friday noon, we started getting calls from angry customers why their new mobile phone has not arrived. Tracking numbers on GLS website showed as packages still in warehouse, not out for delivery.

    GLS has forgotten all our parcels in their depot and 40 Hungarian customers were left with a bad feeling about Turbado. To make this up, we immediately contacted all affected customers by phone, informing them what just happened and promising them speedy resolution, Monday delivery and that we make up for OUR mistake.

    Today, Monday we send out to every one of them a SORRY note, apologizing for not delivering what we promised and to make up for this mistake, we send them an extra phone charger. Even if they return their package, they can keep this gift, and we hope they will consider doing business with us in the future again.

    And to GLS, we informed them that mistakes like this are not acceptable for us, and if it happens again, we will be forced to look for a new courier company in Hungary. Every mistake, our own or that of our supplier, if it affects our customers, is our mistake, we must take responsibility for it and make up for it. Even unsatisfied customers can become satisfied or at least less unsatisfied, so we keep our strategy true = do everything a little better than others do.

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