Companies and services similar to TURBADO

This is a list of companies or services similar to Turbado. Similar in philosophy, execution or in results. I try to provide a short description of those companies and services and in which part they are similar to Turbado.

  • Rolls Royce sell their engine’s thrust as ‘power by the hour’, which includes full in-use monitoring, servicing, repair, re-manufacture and replacement.
  • Xerox sell contract ‘print services’ rather than printers. Printers are designed to be remanufactured and reduce waste in operation (e.g. cartridge free).
  • Philips‘ “Pay Per Lux” solution, so that both the customers and Philips have a vested interest in reducing the energy consumption and prolonging the life of the gear that the customers use.”
  • Bandvulc sell ‘road grip’ (tire support system) rather than tires for heavy trucks.
  • Leasedrive offer long-term B2B leasing of fleet vehicles.
  • Dell and others rent equipment on long-term lease to companies and provide back-up support and service management and upgrades of the ICT / PCs.
  • Amazon trade-in allows users to trade in their books or video games for an amazon gift voucher. The product is then made available for resale.
  • TechForward Guaranteed BuyBack program for Consumer Electronics that lets you return your unwanted electronics any time during 2 years
  • Kyocera’s design concept mean only the toner, rather than the whole toner cartridge, needs to be replaced. As many as 500,000 pages can be printed without replacing anything except toner, significantly reducing waste and cost.
  • Miele design and engineer product for long service life and market it on “lifetime cost” with 10-20 years life.
  • Citrix pay for a bring your own computer to all staff in the company to use on the company’s network for work and home, saving resources and support time, and improving employee motivation.
  • rents LEGO’s by the month