What is Turbado

Turbado is a service company offering a complete solution for customers and their electronics. Be it the latest iPhone or biggest Samsung TV, Turbado gives customer the ease of mind with its solutions. Instant warranty exchange, anytime upgrade for the newest model, guaranteed buy back program with pre-determined prices. Long term rentals, easy trade-in process, and superior customer care are all present at Turbado, a privately-held company based in Bratislava, Slovakia and operating in each EU country.

What is Turbado

What is Turbado

Turbado is an all-in-one package: Easy Purchase, extended services, innovative business model, incentivised return, re-use, repair and replacement of consumer electronics.


  • Buy a product based on need and desire
  • Competitive price and 24 months manufacturer warranty
  • Quick and reliable delivery

Service systems:

  • Providing a service system based on an existing product to extend lifetime and optimise performance.
  • Providing an instant repair or replacement during 24 months

Rent & Leasing:

  • Long-term rental of products to users with a linked service to extend life and optimize performance.
  • Short term rental of products at strategic points in major cities. Cheaper than ownership for the user. maximizes asset utilization.
  • Business to business rental, cheaper access to a product for the renter
  • Conventional rental of a product for short time – enables access to better products without full cost of product.
  • Long-term benefits of products linked to rich product support

Incentivised return & re-use:

  • Collection of used products to ensure they are passed on to an appropriate re-use system.
  • Incentivised return – Encourages customers to return used items for an agreed value. Customers gain value for unwanted items and recycle products via a convenient system. Collected products are refurbished and sold for re-use on appropriate markets.
  • Incentivised re-use – Remanufacturing of products to extend their lifetime. Cheaper than full replacement for customers and reduces quantity of materials required to keep an asset running.
  • Asset Management – Collection, refurbishing and re-sale of used products. Reduces the quantity of raw materials required to meet the market need.

Long life:

  • Long Life – Products are designed to have a long life time with durability, reducing consumption.
  • Reducing consumption – Employer pays employee to buy a computer for use at work and at home, along with a support package. Reduces quantity of products required to meet market need, reducing number of work computers lost and improving employee motivation.
  • Life long services – Superior Support is provided for all customer’s purchases for life long, instant repairs and replacements, incentivised returns or re-uses and replacements when customers needs or desires them. Always in mind to maximize asset utilization and to minimize negative impact on society and environment.

Turbado Future:

  • Peer-to-peer – Online exchange of products between householders with feedback system. Reduces cost of ownership for users and allows access to a wide range of garments.
  • One service for all – All household products managed under one reliable service for life long. Returning, re-using, replacing anytime and anywhere.
  • everyone everywhere – purchases from any retail channel all come together under one roof. No matter where you buy your electronics, Turbado takes care of you, for you.