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    TVPartner | Today I bought 1000 pieces of iPhone 

    1000x iPhone 5s @ turbado

    1000x iPhone 5s turbado

    Business as usual at TVPartner.eu [our B2B trading company that is also supplying 99% of all goods sold at Turbado], we bought and sold 1000 pieces of Apple iPhone 5s on Friday.

    Suppliers try to push the prices up, buyers try to push the prices down, and between them is the small profit margin our trading company makes.

    We are happy about it, we make money and keep good relationship with many reliable buyers,  sellers and traders.

    TVPartner business, thanks to our colleagues Janos and Krisztina, is a pleasure to be a part of it.


    Turbado will be shortly starting to offer these iPhones in 5 countries and I would like to compare the online retail prices as of today in those 5 countries: Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Most of the price conscious buyers go and look for the best deals on price comparison websites:

    Slovakia: heureka.sk | VAT 20% | net price 440.42eur |

    Czech Republic: heureka.cz | VAT 21% | net price 11644.63czk = 424.07eur |

    Hungary: argep.hu | VAT 27% | net price 130622.05huf = 424.40eur |

    Poland: ceneo.pl | VAT 23% | net price 1906.51pln = 454.73eur |

    Spain: shopmania.es | VAT 21% | net price 463.00eur |


    For wholesalers [selling from their warehouse] the golden rule is to have profits above 3%. Traders [selling other’s stocks] can work with much lower profits, sometimes as low as 1%.

    So for a wholesaler to be profitable, he needs to buy in Poland below 440eur, in Hungary below 412eur and in Spain below 449.50eur and if the trader wants to get done any trades, he must have a purchase price below those prices. So the ideal business would be to buy in CZ and HU and sell in Spain and Poland.


    But the problem is, you won’t find anyone who will sell you even 2 pieces of iPhone at those price levels. All those lowest prices on the internet are not real. Those are all goods with incorrect prices, out of stock, second hand, operator locked, under contract, or have other handicaps. Those are not products you can build your company on, or base your customer’s trust on. The real thing sells in retail above 500 eur net. Check your closest operator shop, like Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and ask them for a quote on a new original unit without contract or operator logo. You can subtract the VAT and about 15% profit margin and get the wholesale price.

    Well, we at Turbado, we only give you 100% original product, you won’t find from us any handicapped units. We would love to offer our customers those low prices, but it would compromise our business operation and we want to be here for you for long time. So we want to give you the best value for your money. Free shipping to you and from you, brand new models, and best add-on services. Guaranteed. If you want to learn more about all the services we offe, check out my previous post: What is Turbado. Or read our average customer’s story to understand us even better.

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    Turbado | Redcoon vs Turbado 

    Redcoon vs Turbado

    Redcoon vs Turbado

    Redcoon was established in 2003 by Mr. Reiner Heckel | Turbado was established in 2014 by Mr. Stefan Durina

    Media-Saturn sees Redcoon as: Online sales only, targeted at price conscious buyers of electronics with no added value expectation | Turbado sees itself as Retail seller both online and later offline, targeted at price conscious buyers of electronics with expectation of long life high value add-on services

    redcoon is present in 10 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal: | turbado will be present in each 28 EU countries

    redcoon history:
    2003: Germany /  redcoon.de 
    2003: Spain /  redcoon.es 
    2003: Austria /  redcoon.at 
    2004: Portugal /  redcoon.pt 
    2005: Netherlands /  redcoon.nl 
    2006: Belgium /  redcoon.be  
    2008: Poland /  redcoon.pl 
    2008: Italy /  redcoon.it 
    2009: Denmark /  redcoon.dk 
    2010: France /  redcoon.fr

    turbado future: May 2014: Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
    second half of 2014: France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy

    Redcoon Revenues for the fiscal year 2007/2008 at 138 million euros, in the fiscal year 2009/2010 at 354 million euros. turnover of redcoon in 2011 was expected 405M eur and reach 600 employees and it had a total loss of 2M eur in 2011 | Turbado is expected to be profitable from the beginning and reach 1 million orders a year in 2016/2017

    in 2013 Redcoon had 432M turnover and 650employees, no number on the profit/loss, but based on previous years, having same turnover and more employees, strongly suggests for a loss. [please leave a comment if you have more info] | Turbado launches in 2014 with 31 employees and expects to serve 100k customers in its first year in 12 countries

    Redcoon has 260k visitors a day, 180k products sold a month = 2.16M products a year — Redcoon is not considered exactly as a huge player – especially when compared to the physical locations of Media Markt and Saturn | Turbado has no visitors today, but expects to reach in one year 5M visitors in 12countries and 100k products sold that year — Turbado is still a disruptive concept we develop continually

    Redcoon’s reason why their turnover didn’t grow those years (2012 and 2013 over 2011) is, that redcoon was one of the biggest buyers on the gray market all over EU and when media-saturn bought them, they couldn’t continue buying on the gray market anymore, but had to buy from official distributors and partners — Redcoon was grown with shopping on the gray market in mind – a practice which the online retailer was not able to continue as Media-Saturn-daughter. | Turbado has strong sourcing background and offers a new business method. Apple would stamp us as Apple Authorized Service Provider and we want to be part of that Program if it gives our customers a clear advantage, like early access to the new iPhone

    Redcoon’s current numbers:
    5.5M customers in EU
    300000 products shipped a month
    650 employees in 10countries
    one warehouse in Germany with 53000m2
    260k visitors a day
    Turbado’s current numbers:
    0 customers
    0 products shipped a month
    31 employees in 6 countries
    3 warehouses in Europe with 2500m2
    20 visitors a day (mostly our collegues 🙂

    and this is the beginning of Turbado

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    Turbado | IT Compatibility issues SOLVED 

    it problem solved

    IT problem solved

    Probably, you have experienced it too – as I did -, that some office devices (laptop-printer-display-phone) may not work together properly, so with Stefan we thought that we should share our common experiences here, in the frame of this blog.

    I collected the cases that I faced with:

    • “Dell Laptop arrived without drivers”

    Your Windows may have some generic drivers, but it’s almost always best to update to Dell’s listed drivers. I had problems with the wi-fi (router not detected) and with the video driver (no signal on VGA port/external display).
    1. Type your 7-digit service tag (you can find the code at the bottom of the laptop) to here:
    Download the Dell System Detect software (from Dell’s support site) http://www.dell.com/support/Diagnostics/us/en/04/diagnostichome/index/quicktest
    This is an application which scans your computer to detect your service tag.
    2. Press “System Analysis” here: Show me driver updates by …
    … and you’ll get the list of drivers (touchpad, audio, vga, wifi etc.) needed – specifically to your machine . (My Dell Precision M4700 works only with the AMD vga-driver, but some M4700 use Intel drivers + nvidia.)
    The most important is the wifi, and the vga driver – eg. if you want to connect external display with vga-cable.
    3. download/install 🙂

    • “Scanning stops halfway during wifi scan”

    S: Open your wifi-manager (desktop), right click, and select: let Windows control wifi.

    • “I cannot print – with Brother printer – from iPhone. Airprint-support said, that this printer was not developed for this action.”

    S: Download a Brother application (appstore/Brother iPrint&Scan) into your iPhone and from there setup the connection /and print from iPhone.

    • “My cursor jumps to a new position while typing” (Dell laptop)

    S: Install Dell’s touchpad driver/open/turn off 2nd mouse (this “mouse” is located between on the keyboard G-H-B buttons)
    S2: In the touchpad’s driver-panel set (or just turn on 🙂 ) the sensitivity of the TouchGuard.

    Did you experience anything else? Leave a comment and we will come up with the solution

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    Turbado | iPhone 5s user manuals of different models 

    This article shows the different models of iPhone 5s and the user manuals included

    iPhone 5s bought in an iStore in the Caribbean, US specs

    iPhone 5s, Silver, 32GB Part Number: ME300LL/A, Model A1533, EAN code: 885909727391

    Designed by Apple in California  Assembled in China

    Apple Inc., 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 USA  602-8181-A

    sticker code on the back of the box: 826-0295-A

    included manuals and brochures inside the box: 034-7326-A and 034-6873-A

    iPhone 5s, silver, 32GB, USA ME300LL/A

    iPhone 5s, silver, 32GB, USA ME300LL/A


    iPhone 5s bought on apple.fr in France, EU specs

    iPhone 5s, Gold, 16GB Part Number: ME434F/A, Model A1457, EAN code: 885909784981

    CE 0682 Approved in all EU countries

    Designed by Apple in California  Assembled in China

    Apple Inc., 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 USA  602-8181-A

    sticker code on the back of the box: 826-0299-A

    included manuals and brochures inside the box: F034-7326-A and F034-6874-A

    iPhone 5s, gold, 16GB, France  ME434F/A

    iPhone 5s, gold, 16GB, France ME434F/A



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    Turbado | A Turbado story of an average customer 

    A Turbado story told by an average customer:


    I go on Google and I look for the best price on iPhones.

    I select my favorite price comparison website and compare the prices of iPhones.

    I look at the lowest price, a shady offer. Second lowest, bad reputation, third lowest, Turbado.

    It says there that they will instantly replace my damaged iPhone under the 2-years warranty no-questions-asked. Free shipping, 30 days money back.

    Ok, that sounds like a good offer. So I click on it and go to Turbado.eu.

    They claim they will exchange my iPhone if I have any issues with it under the manufacturer’s warranty. I don’t need to wait for weeks to get my phone repaired, I just have it replaced. That’s new, I like it.

    So I go ahead and I order it. The payment method I choose is Paypal, more secure. Done.


    The following business day:

    The UPS just came by and I now have my new iPhone. Wow, great, free next day delivery.


    The following 2 days:

    For 2 days I don’t sleep, I play with my new phone and I love it. My friends love it, my 1 year old son loves it.


    2 months later:

    I am settled in – it seems as if I have always used an iPhone and I cannot imagine a day or my life without it.


    Another 2 months pass:

    I start experiencing some issues with my phone, it is restarting by itself occasionally, I will install the updates today.


    Afternoon that same day:

    My phone is rebooting more often now, so I install the latest iOS. After 30 minutes, after the installation starts, the phone restarts. And restarts again. And again. And again. Oh shit, I try to turn it off, nothing happens, it keeps rebooting. I put it back on the charger, now it finally boots up and works. But anytime I take it off the charger, in an hour it starts rebooting again, until I put it back on the charger. I need my phone for serious work, I cannot work like this!

    I call Apple, report my problem and they send UPS to pick up my phone. They provide a box for shipment.


    One week later

    Apple calls me and tells me that the phone is damaged and the repair will cost 220 euro, as it is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. WHAAAAT? I paid big money, have a 2-year warranty and I want to have it repaired under warranty! Apple rep suggests I return it to where I purchased it. AHHHA! I remember, they promised an instant warranty replacement. I call them immediately: Hello, Turbado? I have purchased an iPhone several months ago and it just doesn’t work. What is the problem? Well, it keeps rebooting when off the charger. Yes, my name is… Yes, iPhone 5s, gold, 16gb. So I’m going to receive a new phone tomorrow? Really? Ok, I understand, you must charge a deposit for the second phone and I must return the old one in 10 days, otherwise I will be charged for it as if I bought a new phone. Great, send it to me!


    Next business day:

    UPS arrives, I get a new iPhone and I hand over my damaged one. Nice! It is new and works great. Hm, I guess this Turbado company really does what they said they would. I will keep it in mind the next time I want to buy something, I’ll just check out if they carry it too.


    The following business day:

    I just received an email from Turbado, saying they tested the damaged phone, it seems the battery needs to be replaced. They accept my return and will send the second deposit back. Great, I knew my phone was really faulty and I didn’t do any damage to it, I just used it normally.


    A year later:

    Today Apple announced they are releasing a new iPhone. It looks great, but mine is still working well and it’s under the Turbado warranty, so I am satisfied with the old model.


    A few days later:

    I just received a message from Turbado today, they would like to buy my current iPhone and give me a new one, I only have to pay the difference and get a brand new 2-year instant replacement warranty with the latest iPhone. That is an offer I cannot refuse. OF COURSE, I WANT THE NEW IPHONE, give it to me now!


    The following business day:

    UPS came by, I got my new iPhone, the latest and greatest! And I returned my old one, bye! What a great deal! I can’t express my gratitude towards Turbado and their services, and I love my iPhones even more now! Oh, and I received a nice email from Turbado too. It features a really nice painting from Franz Josef and Turbado tells me about this new feature of the latest iPhone I didn’t know about. Thank you again Turbado, for great deals, terrific customer service, impossible to refuse upgrades, and all those small touches you do for your customers. I have shared my experience with my family and friends, I proudly tell them I am with Turbado and I celebrate the things Turbado does. Turbado gives back to us and the society. I love their contributions to culture, history, nature and children through their programs, I love their retail stores with those super-sized detailed paintings. And I love them for the transparent operation, and I would love to work in a company with a culture such as Turbado’s. As long as Turbado will be around with their solutions, I will not need to look any further with my electronics’ needs. I want to have all my electronics managed by Turbado Solutions! And sorry for being emotional. But I just can’t express how much I appreciate Turbado in my life.


    One week later:

    My two-year old son took my new iPhone, dropped it in the kitchen and I stepped on it. The screen simply broke. Well, let me call Turbado and see what they can do for me. Hi Turbado, the screen of my new iPhone just broke, I stepped on it by accident. What can you do with it? Really? You can replace it with a new phone, I’ll just pay for the repair, but get a new phone? Wow again! So send me the new phone tomorrow, my credit card details are…


    The following business day:

    UPS stopped by, I have my new phone and I returned the broken one. Did I say those pickups and returns and deliveries are always free? A nice touch! I just found out, that I can buy an extended coverage plan with Turbado, in which absolutely all damages to my device are covered.


    Two years later:

    I am a happy customer of Turbado’s, I now have my 60″ Samsung LED TV, my GoPro Hero camera, an iPad and iPad mini, my iPhone and my wife’s iPhone from them. And I am very happy with my two-year old iPhone. I ordered it with the extended coverage plan and I never broke my phone, so Turbado emailed me today, that I am eligible to get full money back on the extended warranty as a store credit! So actually the extended warranty didn’t cost me anything at the end of the day! WOW again for the Turbado Superior Solutions. Since I am out of the 2 years warranty now, they made me an offer to buy an eternal all inclusive warranty with yearly or monthly payments, where I pay as long as I want it, they repair or replace any damages, and if I choose at any point in the future, not to have the eternal warranty anymore, I get all my money back as a store credit. Now that’s an interesting offer, I love it and I’m gonna make use of it! Maybe I will give my 2-year old phone to my mother-in-law, so we can stay in touch and if anything happens to her phone, I will just have her call up Turbado and they will solve all her problems, as they are solving mine.

    I can’t recommend them enough, all my family, friends and coworkers use Turbado now and we are letting Turbado know what other electronics we will be purchasing shortly, so they can include them in their offers. I love the idea, to be able to keep some stuff as long as I want them. Anytime they break, Turbado gets them fixed or replaced and if I feel like having them upgraded to a newer model, I can do that anytime. And it’s really easy. The good part of Turbado is, that they offer only the best quality electronics, so I don’t need to look up which manufacturer is the best for my mom’s fridge, I just order it from Turbado and I don’t need to worry about it anymore. They remind me of any substantial changes in the life of my electronics, interesting upgrades, expiring warranties, and I know I have the best things at home. Great products, great service, great people behind it and a great company that really changed my life and the way I look at my electronics. I used to buy products, now I buy the benefits they give me. And Turbado gives me those benefits and takes away all the problems I used to have and I don’t have to have anymore. I wish they had such solutions for wives and girlfriends: I could exchange them anytime I felt like it, if I loved them, I could keep them for a life long, if they broke at any point, Turbado would just repair them or replace them for the same or closest model they had, and I would get updates on how to get the most out of them during their lifetime. Wow, that would be awesome. I guess I should start my own company with wives and girlfriends and learn all the tricks from Turbado. They really nailed it!


    PS: I had a great set of JBL speakers from them, that got damaged during transport when I was moving and because Turbado discontinued that line of speakers and couldn’t repair, nor replace them, I got my full money back for the speakers, including the extended insurance I had paid for one and a half years. And I was sad I had to buy them elsewhere and don’t get that Turbado experience. I hope Turbado comes up with some kind of a plan, so I can buy my electronics anywhere, and get them under the Turbado roof with all the benefits Turbado offers. That really would be the ultimate solution to everything and for everyone.

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      good illustration. it provides a complex insight into our system.
      but, we should reformulate this: ” they would like to buy my current iPhone and give me a new one” (we only change the product)

      • sd@turbado 08:45 on April 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        this part is about the buyback program we offer. where actually the customer gets money back for his old device and get a contract for a new device, but only pays the difference. From the point of accounting it is backwards, but this story is how the customer sees it and experiences it. Our job is to make all that is necessary behind the scenes. The best services are the ones you don’t even know about until you realize you have a problem and they solve your problem and become invisible again. Just like a great insurance company (do you know of any?). They should cover you all the time and in any case, be easy to reach and communicate, but don’t disturb you when you don’t need them.

    • turbadosk 10:38 on April 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Nice and very enthusiastic. Is it going to be transferred to video or audio? How many seconds it will play for? Could we make it a bit shorter?

      • sd@turbado 10:45 on April 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I will hand it over to a native copywriter, to make it into a shorter story, maybe several short stories with a spin. then we could make a short video (max 1:30 minutes) and a longer video, max 3 minutes. about the videos we will see. and later we will ask for testimonials from our customers.
        and of course translated to other languages as well 🙂

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    Turbado | Positions opened at Turbado PL, DE and AT 

    We love talented and enthusiastic persons. Please get in touch with us if you feel you would be a great addition to our team in any country, in any place.

    We seek great colleagues mainly for these positions:

    • PL Commercial Coordinator for Turbado Poland
    • DE Country Web Shop Manager for Turbado Germany
    • AT Country Web Shop Manager for Turbado Austria

    Commercial coordinator PL



    • WEB shop management
    • handling new orders
    • handling customer complaints by e-mail, phone and in person
    • keeping contact with local/regional warehouse and shipping company
    • returns management
    • maintaining quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards
    • participation in achieving the stated business goals
    • daily cash and payments management



    • excellent written and verbal communications skills
    • customer focus
    • commercial acumen
    • attention to detail
    • responsible personality
    • multi-tasking

    What we offer:


    • Opportunity to work in a dynamic environment
    • Opportunity to work for a company with international background
    • Permanent contract
    • Basic salary + performance based bonuses

    How to apply:

    If you want to apply, please send your resume and motivation letter in English to anna.szypcio@turbado.pl and hr@bestcena.pl



    We also have two open positions for Turbado DE and Turbado AT  as Country Web Shop Manager with the following specification:


    On behalf of our international partner, who is a dramatically growing e-commerce operator in the field of consumer electronics already present with subsidiaries in Spain, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary, and further expanding its operations in the rest of the EU, we are looking for a talented manager to build up and coordinate our nationwide operations in Germany/Austria as a


    Country Webshop Manager DE and AT




    • Represent the local subsidiary of the international parent company
    • Manage the daily operation of the webshop
    • Control all processes related to webshop operation and customer service
    • Make sure the service quality meets defined standards
    • Establish, develop, motivate and control webshop team
    • Meet sales targets
    • Communicate with customers
    • Report to higher management at international level




    • Degree in economics, commerce, marketing or related
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and German
    • Customer oriented attitude
    • Entrepreneurial thinking
    • Precise personality, attention to detail
    • Good organization skills
    • Good problem solving skills
    • Quality conscious thinking
    • High level computer user skills
    • Good understanding of the internet and online communications
    • Minimum 2 years of experience and proven success in people management
    • Webshop management experience desired


    What we offer:


    • Opportunity to grow with the company
    • Opportunity to work in an international environment
    • Permanent contract
    • Basic salary + performance based bonuses


    How to apply:


    If you want to apply, please send your resume and motivation letter in English to hr@turbado.de for Germany or hr@turbado.at for Austria

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    Turbado | iPhone 5s repairs and prices 

    Turbado will be shortly providing in-house repair service. This service will be introduced first in Slovakia and then rolled out in the other countries where Turbado is present

    Turbado iPhone 5S repair

    Turbado iPhone 5S repair

    Turbado iPhone 5S repair

    Turbado iPhone 5S repair

    Important note:
    Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices that use iOS 7 and above need to have “Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod” turned off before returning it

    How to Turn Off “Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod”

    This example is for an iPhone with iOS 7:

    1. Tap on your “Settings” icon and go to the “iCloud” section
    2. If “Find My iPhone” is turned on, tap the slider to turn it off
    3. Enter your Apple ID password and tap “Turn Off”
    4. Verify that “Find My iPhone” has been turned off
    • turbado_HU 18:25 on April 8, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      so those clients would come to us for repair, who have not even purchased the product from us

    • turbadosk 21:50 on April 8, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Are we going to join the other company and help to expand each other (in some business union) or are we doing everything ourself? It is not that easy to fix things. We will need more staff, training, new premises and organize logistics and supply of spare parts. I like the idea, because iPhones are expensive so people are willing to pay to have it repaired but if we are overwhelmed by demand it could backfire. As I said, I’m not against it but I would leave it till Turbado shops are running nice and smooth.

      • sd@turbado 22:19 on April 8, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        We will leave that entirely on the other company, as they are the professionals and we will use their solutions. That is in Slovakia. For the rest of the countries, we will create a joint venture, where they will supply their expertise and we will add ours. So they can work on the products and we take care of the marketing, management, accounting, legal parts, etc. logistics we have set up now, we can use our current channels for all that

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    Turbado | 3 Steps to build the next billion euros business 

    Every successful company must have a clear vision, a plan how to achieve is, broken down to smaller targets and a precise execution at every step.

    Our vision is to build a company similar to Redcoon, but in every EU country, profitable since year one and with a higher customer satisfaction and retention.

    A plan how to achieve it is by opening small local internet shops, supply them from own warehouses and get a very high customer appraisal, then grow in each country.

    Phase ONE:

    • Open a local branch
    • Setup local infrastructure and logistics
    • Get on major online retail platforms
    • Get customers to like us very much
    • Develop processes and keep the business flowing
    • Get each transaction profitable
    • Repeat

    Phase TWO:

    • Get local distributors to use our platform
    • Setup logistics from third party warehouses to the final customer
    • Keep very high customer satisfaction
    • Sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible
    • Repeat

    Phase THREE:

    • Focus on stabilizing the business
    • Get all automated
    • Get all costs as low as possible, profits as high as possible
    • Keep very high customer satisfaction and retention
    • Get the company ready to be handed over to a new management and owner
    • Sell the company to a partner that can grow it beyond million orders a year
    • Advance it to the next billion euros business
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    Turbado | The Summit Kilimanjaro 2014 youtube video 

    Today was the last call to join the World’s Leading Tech Entrepreneurs on the Trip of a Lifetime:

    The Summit Kilimanjaro

    So I created a short introduction video about me, Stefan Durina, what I did before, what I do now and what is Turbado:

    Transcript of the video:

    Hi, my name is Stefan Durina.
    In 2008 I moved to Slovakia and created a shopping brand that had 250 orders a day.
    3 years later I sold it and I went for a long vacation to Spain.
    Because I enjoy disruptive concepts, I created Turbado.
    Turbado solutions is the internet shop you love:
    Products on stock, big brands, competitive prices, fast delivery, our own buyback program
    and what worries our competitors most, also instant repair or replacement.
    But Turbado is much more. At turbado we turn products into services.
    You don’t buy your washing machine any more, you buy the benefits of that machine.
    We sell you a life long print service rather than a printer.
    And the best part in all that?
    It doesn’t have to cost you any more than what you pay elsewhere.
    Turbado e-smart

    Still buying? Be smarter! Start renting.
    Turbado offers a revolutionary solution where you don’t buy products, just use them as yours! Return, pass on or swap for new models anytime and don’t worry about repairs and warranty. Get more for less and join a group where everyone is satisfied.
    Simple. Fast. Always works.

    UPDATE: we have changed our short description to better reflect the latest market research:

    Still buying? Be smarter! Start renting.
    Turbado refreshes a traditional solution, where you don’t buy products, just use them as yours! Return, pass on or swap for new models anytime and don’t worry about repairs or warranty. With only one, single payment you get to enjoy more flexibility and freedom.
    Simple. Fast. Always works. Turbado: A Contract of Benefits

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    Turbado | Amazing customer support by Shep Hyken 

    Inspirational video by Step Hyken for Zendesk followers

    This is the full transcript:

    Shep Hyken

    Best selling author & speaker


    What the cult of the Customer is?

    Let’s start with a little story… Which I think will set this whole concept of the Cult of the Customer up. We can say it’s a true story but it isn’t. It’s about a genie who paid a visit to the town square of the little town called Businessland, where he met three entrepreneurs. Each of whom wanted to open an ice-cream stand. The genie said, “I will grant each of you one wish – give you anything you ask of me – if, and only if, granting your wish will truly ensure the success of your business venture.”

    The first entrepreneur stopped for a moment and then he thought “oh boy, I’m going to open a ice-cream stand … My wish is to sell the best possible ice cream in all of Businessland.” The genie frowned and said, “I shall not grant that wish… Because even with the best ice-cream on Earth would not guarantee your success.” The second entrepreneur was quick to speak up. “My wish is that you should grant me the very, very best location for my ice-cream stand in Businessland, a place where all the people walking by will see my ice-cream shop and would like to come in. Again, the genie frowned. “I’m not going to grant that one. Even the best location on Earth would still not guarantee your success.” The genie cast a doubtful eye on the third entrepreneur, saying: “Yours is the last wish.”

    The third entrepreneur thought for a moment and then she smiled confidently and said, “I have ice- cream, though it may not be the best on Earth, I think it’s pretty good and I have pretty good location in mind, although it may not be the best location. My wish,” she continued in a firm voice, “is that I should have a never-ending supply of loyal customers lined up outside my door of my ice-cream shop every day.”

    The genie grinned broadly. “Yes! You will have success with that wish! Your wish is my command.” So, you see, without customers, it doesn’t matter how good the ice-cream is. Without customers, it doesn’t matter where you put the ice-cream shop. Basically without customers, you don’t have a business.

    When you have a good product and a decent location, whether it is the actual location or just a position in the marketplace and you have customers who want what you sell, at that point, you got shot at success. And when those customers want to come back – and more importantly won’t go anywhere else – that’s what called loyalty. And taking it a step further, when they are willing to recommend you to their friends, colleagues, business associates – because they love you – that’s called evangelism. And that is what the Cult of the Customer is all about; creating an amazing experience that turns satisfied customers- not just into loyal customers – into customer evangelists.

    So… well, I may not be a genie that can grant three wishes, what I can do though is to give you the tools that will help you deliver an amazing customer experience – which takes you to the Cult of the Customer.

    Now, let’s talk about what the Cult of the Customer is. First of all, it is a Cult you want to belong to and let me emphasize, in this case – a Cult is not a dirty word. Even though the word had been associated with something extremely religious or with fanatical organizations. This is not that at all. As a matter of fact, if you look at the original definition of what a Cult means, you will find that it’s really nothing more than a group of people that have a common interest, they like to get together on a regular basis and practice that interest. For example… You might be hanging out with a group of people on Saturday mornings and ride bicycles through the park. You like doing it every single Saturday morning and it’s what you live for. In that sense it’s called a Cult. So it’s ok…Cult is not a dirty word. And not only that, we are using this word Cult to play of the word “culture”. A culture that is internal to the company. The culture that focuses on an inside of the organization and – my believe – what’s happening on the inside of any organization is also going to be felt by the customers on the outside on the organization.

    So, what are we going to do in just few minutes is go through what I call the “5 Cults of the Customer“ and then I’m going to give you some strategies and have it deliver on that final Cult which is something I call the “Cult of Amazement”. Now, for the company to create an amazing experience, the one that doesn’t just create loyal customers but evangelists, you have to go through – and all the employees have to also go through –  the same cults or phases that the customers go through.

    What happened this years ago, I identified five basic phases, I call them cults that customers go through. Radical thinking got me into the mode of – “wow, you know what” employees go through the same phases.  Now, I am going to focus primarily on the outside customers that you see from very beginning. We gonna start building internally as we move out of the first cult into the second one and I think it’s a pretty cool concept we are getting into. So let’s go ahead and start with the first cult:



    1.           The Cult of Uncertainty

    The best experience for customer is inconsistent. But it’s also the same for an employee. Think about this… The first time an employee comes to work, the first day they work in the organization, they are little hesitant. They are hoping it’s going to be a great experience. They are hoping it’s going to be a great job and company they want to work with. Well, the customer feels to same way. By the way… I am using the word customer and I don’t care if you call your customers clients, patients, guests, members or whatever. We are going to use the name customer. In a call of uncertainty a customer or even an employee the first time they do a business with you or they come to work with you they say: “Oh boy, I hope it’s going to be good”. They may have heard to reputation that it’s supposed to be good but they are not going to know until they actually start working there. Let’s talk about it from the customer’s point of view for just a moment. I used the word “inconsistent”. Inconsistency is probably the worst place you can be with the customer. Even if you are pretty good in what you do, if some days are great and another days are satisfactory, that’s not good! It’s the consistency that needs to take place for customers to have confidence in you. We will talk more about confidence in just a few minutes. Giving an example of what I think is the most inconsistent industries –  is the airline industry. I don’t mean to pick on them but they are the best example I can think of. And here is why… because they have statistics and depending on any given year there are somewhere around 80 % or less of the flights taking off will show up on time. Just think about that. In another words… on time performance is about 4 out of 5 times. 20% plus of those airplanes that take off do not arrive at the destination on time. By the way… on time is within 15 minutes of the published time of an arrival. I love South-West Airlines, they are very wonderful airlines. If you go with them you will usually experience incredible amount of excellent customer service, but if the plane doesn’t arrive at the time when it suppose to land and if you are 2 hours delay or the plane is canceled for whatever reason, they can 100% deliver on what they sell. Even if the service is great if the product doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, you’re gonna be worried the next time you fly on the airline. So throw that out, that even the best is marked with uncertainty. Again, many times it’s not their fault but it can be a problem if the first time you fly with South-West airline, the plane is delayed and then the second time you fly -it happens to be your unluck- it will be delayed again, you going to think the next time; there is a pretty good change I won’t get at my destination on time I have to change my schedule. So, inconsistency – not good! From the inside, how you get out from inconsistency. What you need to do is to move to something I call the “Cult of Alignment”. The first way to move out of uncertainty or inconsistency is to get into “Cult of Alignment”. And this is where everybody is headed in the same direction. One of the easiest way to do this, is to make sure that everybody understands what your company is about and the value you promised to give to your customers. And if you just take your vision and mission statement and simplify it, break it down into one sentence. We are using words like cult, we’ve talked a bit about the word evangelists, now I gonna frown another one that falls into this – a mantra. You want to create a mantra. Mantra is one sentence or just a few word expression or phrase that is what your entire company is all about. I give you some examples of this. One of my clients Outback steakhouse had a tagline ( a phrase they use in their advertisements ) which is a perfect example of a mantra. And that was : “Great food, no rules”. And I think if you work there, you understand that. We have a great food and we going to give that to our customers the way they want it. In another words, they want a sandwich without mayonnaise, you give them a sandwich without a mayonnaise. It’s not a big deal. They want a different vegetable? Do what you can, remember there is no rules – “Great food, no rules”. My very favorite comes from the very high and luxury hotel chain ( Ritz Carlton ) but here is their mantra. It’s simply this: “We are ladies and gentleman serving ladies and gentleman”, a nine words and the people who work there get it. That’s what they suppose to deliver. The guests when they hear it, they get it too and it’s really powerful strategy, so if you bring somebody on board and say “this is our mantra and this is what we do and if you can deliver on this – we will be in alignment. If you can’t, guess what, we gonna pull you out and it may cost you a job.“ This is what we do. So we take everybody into an alignment. And once they are in alignment and understand what that brand promise is, you then get into the cult or phase of an experience. Before it can be owned, it must be experienced. So, we make a promise and then we experience it and we gonna have to experience it again and again, probably for a while. I am talking about the customer before they are finally confident that next time they do this it will be exactly the same. Let me give you an example on this: I would like to talk about a company called PayPal. They are an amazing company. They are able to log on and transfer money anywhere in the world through your computer in a second. The reason I like to use this it’s, because they promised that it’s going to be easy and simple, the direction are straightforward when you use their system for a first time and what happens is, when you log on, you set up your account and then they ask you about all kinds of your personal information. They ask you about your bank account number, credit card numbers… Through this process you probably feeling little bit uncomfortable. You slowly going through it and once it’s all set up and it’s time to transfer money to the first person you want to send your money to,  you are a bit nervous and once you hit the button “send” and then guess what…it says “successful” and you are like “woow, it worked”. Than that first time you do business like that with PayPal, it will probably take about 15 minutes or so to get this set up. The second time you use it, you are little bit more comfortable… You go online, you register and it will all take you probably 5 minutes. In about 4th or 5th time you doing this, you can probably make a transaction within 50 second or less. You are now experiencing it and the cool thing is, when you experience it over and over again, you are now in the cult of ownership, because you own that experience. You are comfortable with it, you are confident and it’s going to happen again. Another example, perhaps you bought a home or rent an apartment and the first night you are in there, is dark and you are looking around for the light switches, either on the lamp or on the wall – doesn’t matter. In the dark is hard to figure out what’s going on but within 3 or 4 nights or in just a very short period of time you can close your eyes and you know exactly where the light switches are, because you now own the experience. That makes a lot of sense, so that’s why I love using PayPal. It takes you from being uncomfortable and having a lack of experience to feel very comfortable and sensually owning the experience, because of the confidence you have. If you have a company that delivers great service on a consistent level and your customers can count on it and when your employees coming to work and they know it’s going to be a great experience and great place to work and they know how to deliver this service, because you trained them, you got the in alignment. You are in that phase or cult of ownership and next level, when it is predictably better than average, that’s the key to an “Amazement”. You have to be better than average. And what I love about the concept of an “Amazement” is if it’s within the graft a virtually any organization, the “Cult of Amazement” is simply better than average but it’s better than average all of the time. Now I say all of the time, that’s like a 100%, it’s like guaranteed but it’s actually not because nobody is actually perfect. Sometimes there is going to be a mistake. Once in a while, customers going to have an complaint. Maybe they are having a bad day or maybe it truly is a problem that the customer experience with your organization. The best companies are operating in an “Amazement”. When they have a problem what they do is go to the recovery mode. The recovery mode allows them to not just fix the problem but to regain their confident, so the customers know that we are doing business with them and I am confident that if there is a problem, they will take care of it for me. That’s cool. That’s what the “Cult of Amazement” is. The best companies are there. If you have a look of one of my favorite companies to do business with is Nordstrom, I love going to Nordstrom. Shopping and getting the Nordstrom experience. And it’s not that they are so much better than everyone else, they are little bit better. Again, it’s the consistency of being a little bit better than average. Always at least a little bit above the average that’s what creates the “Amazement”.

    Now we are going to focus on the 10 strategies on how you can create that “Amazement”. And the first strategy is pretty simple. Is to recognize that all we just talked about, creating an “Amazement” is simply common sense. But unfortunately it’s not always so common. Let me give you an example. If you are into taking your car for service – my guess is –  if you call ahead of a time and set up an appointment, then when you drove in, they would be expecting you. And when you did actually called in, they probably said, you can come in tomorrow or within 2-3 days, it wouldn’t be weeks or months to get your car in. But when you did come in, there would be expecting you. They might even greet you because they have a computer, they know what kind of car do you drive, they know when you walk up it’s gonna be you because that’s the car. They know your car service history, again thanks to the inventions of something called the computer where you have all the information. Take an advantage of that. When you pick up your car, when they tell you it’s going to be ready. It is ready on time and guess what! It’s clean. Maybe it’s clean because they washed it while you were there or maybe just helped it to make it little bit tidier. But bottom line is, that they did something little bit extra. And maybe, because you have to leave your car there for a while, they offer you a ride to work or offer you a nice waiting room. That to me, all of it sounds like common sense. It’s not that demanding. Sure, you are expecting it because you made an appointment. And if you tell me, the car gonna be ready at 3pm and I come back to pick it up – it’s ready and ideally point be nice if it was clean. Well, here’s what’s cool. John, the research directorof JD Power and Associates, backs up what I just talked about with the automotive industry. And he said the highest ranking brands rated so high because their customers experience exactly what I just talked about. Simply common sense practices. That’s it. To me, that’s common sense, why unfortunately some of the not so highly rated brands don’t do what I think is common sense? I will tell you why. Because it takes a little bit on an extra effort and a little bit of an extra step. And I know there are companies that they can look at these types of things and benchmark them and put measurements to it and prove the doubt, that when you do the right thing, when you deliver on these common sense types of ideas, whether in the automotive industry or any industry. But if you do the right thing and deliver on the common sense ideas there is pretty chance you going to gain more loyalty, more loyalty means customers comes back more often. They might buy from you more than from others, they can buy more and more as a result of becoming more and more loyal and ideally move them to the level of evangelism. And that’s what takes them to recommending you to their friends or family members and their associates. So, number one is common sense, number two I call it the “golden employee rule”. Treat employees the way your want the customer treated – maybe even better. This is simple. You can’t treat the people internally one way and then expect them to treat somebody else outside or fellow employees differently. In another words, you can’t be mean to them, yell at them and then say to them, go out there and be nice to the customers. There was a T-shirt they had a slogan and I love that slogan, it says: “The beating won’t stop until the morale get’s better”. Think about that. In the end of the day you want people who work with you to treat each other the way the customer is suppose to be treated, perhaps even better.

    Strategy number three. This is a simple one. It’s called the Awesome Responsibility. In any given time, one person represents your entire organization. And this is a powerful piece, because if you lay this one on all the people you work with they will say “what do you mean, I have this responsibility in any given time I represent this company” because here is what happens:  When the customer from outside calls you, you are the person who going to take care of him. They will walk away and say I like doing business with them. They are so friendly. Conversely, if it wasn’t a good experience ( well, I am not sure doing business with them ) and then is he/she one person. So, the goal is for everybody to recognize in any given time they will represent the company, the brand, the name… it’s that simple.

    That is called the Awesome Responsibility. I gonna spend little bit more time on the next time.

    Managing touch points and impact points. Touch points are on the front line and impact points are happening behind the scenes that can affect the touch points. So let’s do the basis definition. Year ago, I read a book called “Moments of Truth” by Jan Carlzon. And in the book he defined the moment of truth in businesses anytime a customer, in his case it was a passenger, he was the president of a Scandinavian Airlines. The only time one of his passenger come into the contact with any aspect of the business, this business being the airline, they would perform in a pressure. That’s the moment of truth in business. That touch point can make a break the business. Jan Carlzon said, these moments of truth can be good ( I call this moments as magic ) and they can be bad ( I call this moments a misery ) and there is a third one that I talked about it’s called the moment of mediocrity which is one that is average, one that’s satisfactory. And the goal is, in my opinion, to be better than just OK, so you wanna be better than average. I get just a little bit better than average put you in that zone of an „Amazement“. The goal is to manage those touch points. The interactions – and notice, I am using the word “interaction” – when I talked about PayPal there is a financial transaction that actually takes place but will you interact with the PayPal interface on the internet, on their website. Well, when you deal with people you are having multiple interactions and I think “interaction” is so much of a better word when you dealing with the people, than the word “transaction”. So I should manage these interactions, recognize they simply need to be positive, to be able to have a good attitude, you need to do the right thing, you have to create confidence for that customer. Impact points are behind the scenes as I mentioned before. There is something that happens behind the scenes that drives the experience to the customer on the outside. Jan Carlzon in his book, when he talked about Scandinavian airlines would say that, the first interaction that the customer has is when they call and make their reservation. I remember this back in the early 90’s – 80’s before the internet had online reservations. So you interacted with the reservationist and then you go to actually pick up your ticket, then you will check-in at the day of departure at the curb and you check your bags and you walk in and check in at the ticket counter. You have all these interactions; there is actually a chain of events that takes place as you go through these interactions. So finally the passenger goes on the plane, it’s greeted at the destination and get through the baggage carousel wherever they land. Well, behind the scenes, the impact points, let me give you an example…when you check the bag at the curb and you see the bag going down the conveyor belt and 3 or 4 hours later you end up at your destination and you are at the baggage carousel and there is the bag, it didn’t just magically appeared there, no, there are things happening behind the scenes that drove that experience. Made that experience happen. Lot’s of little interaction are taking place behind the scenes. And if those are mismanaged, those impact points, you definitely have an issue on front line with your touch point at the very end. So, manage impact points as well as those front line touch points.

    Strategy number five. This is a fun one. “Woow, with an occasional Pow”. Pow is capitalization of a version of what we call Amazing. So, let’s talk about “wow” for a moment. I want to “wow” the customers. I wanna create “wow”. All you need to create “wow” it’s like an “Amazement”. Just be better than the average but “Pow” takes you to the next level. “Pow” is the surprise; it is something that, for example Zappos.com if you order shoes from Zappos, they will occasionally upgrade you to next day shipping instead of regular shipping. And “pow” that’s the surprise. A pleasant surprise. And the goal is to do this every once in a while. Once a while sprinkling those little gifts to your customers, letting them know as they love doing business with you because you are consistently better than average.

    Number six. This one is the powerful one. An Confidence creation. It’s about creating evangelism. Evangelism, remember – those are the people that are here for you, the friends, family and colleagues -and it can’t come without a loyalty. And loyalty can’t come without a confidence. So, how do you create a confidence? I will give you 6 real simple ideas on how to create confidence.

    NO 1. Always do what you say you are going to do

    NO 2. If you promise to do something, do it on time.

    If you tell them it’s going to be finished by 3pm it should be finished by 3pm. If not even a little bit ahead of time.


    NO 3. Do not blame others for their mistakes or even your mistakes.

    This is a accountability. If you are working in a call centre or you are on a front line and you get a phone call or the customer walks in and they are upset with you. It may not be your fault, it might be someone else who caused the problem, it might be a breakdown in a system. You don’t say “hey, don’t yell at me, I just work here” with defensive behaviour – not good. What you do, you should take ownership. “Wow, I am sorry you have that problem, I am not exactly sure what happened but I am here to take care of you and help you through this. Why don’t you explain me what exactly what’s going on, I wanna make sure I understand”. There are some techniques we can talk about in another webinar or seminar that will help you to better understand how to deal with these confrontations. But in the end of the day, the goals is that you will be blaming the others, you gonna take the accountability.


    NO 4. Be polite, say “please” and “thank you”. You show respect and appreciation.

    NO 5. You practice proactive service.

    And it is anticipating a customer’s needs before the customer has to ask for something. If you are a server at the restaurant, you maybe walk around with the pitcher of water, filling up water glasses before they get into the bottom and the customer is looking around for “hey, can somebody please fill up my glass of water”.


    NO 6. To under-promise and over-deliver.

    Under-promise, over-deliver its a cliché, but it’s very powerful. Think about Disney does so well. They will have people stand in the lines and they will tell you how long the lines would be, that would be a sight, 45 minutes to the front of the line seldom it’s actually 45 minutes, usually it’s 25-30 maybe 35 but they usually always exceed what they said out for you to expect. And you agreed to that expectation and you are comfortable with it. The goal being they want not just meet the expectation, they want to exceed it. That’s just one way in which they do that.

    So, those are the six confidence building skills.



    NO 7.  Service creativity.

    The idea behind this is to be creative with the opportunities, that you have to deliver an amazing customer experience. Remember, when I talked about the touch points just a few strategies ago and I talked about Jon Carlzon’s example with the airlines. The passenger makes a reservation, get their ticket, check in at the curb and then go to the ticket counter. They are greeted at the gate by an airline employees. There’s this chain of events that takes place.  Well, what I suggest you do, is sit down with the team and analyze in the detail all up the events that would take place in your chain of events. List them all out make sure, you have a number people there because they’re gonna come up with some that you’ve never even thought about and perhaps some of your customers go through different types of change other events that’s fine, the goal is to create a very detailed description of what a typical customer interaction is going to be. And then take a look at each one a little point to say what can I do to make this better, where can I make the experience a little bit better in most simplistic form I’ll say that a customer calls and receptions answer the phone itself that point how do you want that phone answered. One of my clients at we have offices all over the country wouldn’t it be nice if everybody answered the exact same way, obviously the right attitude with a big smile that could probably be felt or heard over the phone but what if they answered the right guard the same way every time. When that can increase the confidence our customers even though it’s small just ever so slightly. Well that’s what I’m talking about the smallest little interaction gives you an opportunity to practice what I call service creativity.


    NO 8. Pay attention to detail.

    Missing details may sometimes go unnoticed by a customer however when the smallest details are handled well, customers become impressed and they also at that point grow in their conference for you. So you manage that detail give you a great example this: Some of you may have heard the story about the rock band that pathways the had a below the minimum stay request both eminent in their dressing room and they asked that all the brown Eminem’s be taken out. And somebody would have thought well gosh they’re being pretty extreme, were maybe a little crazy but here’s the truth: matter that really happen in the van was the van Halen Van and they did specifically request no brown Eminem’s. I have a friend of mine here in Saint Louis where I live Michael Bolton. Michael it with a production company that actually produced in Saint Louis. A concert in Van Halen was the celebrity, that they brought in for the concert and during this they look to the writer and they said: „Wow we’ve got to remove all the brown Eminem’s“. Now it was it was the eddie Van Halen Van being extreme know what they were doing was testing the people, that they were working for because here’s why, if they forgot to remove the brown Eminem’s, what other details could they have missed? And at that point they knew they had to go into another mode to make sure that nothing was missed everything was taken care of. Michael both when tells a funny story about how afterwards they were sitting down with Van Halen manager saddling up on all the dollars and going through all the financials and the manager of the band said „hey what’s this extra charge for labour hundred dollars“ and Michael said that was for removing the brown Eminem. So detail is a detail that you can overlook


    NO 9. we’re getting close to the end here.

    Number 9 is amazing recovery I mentioned to you before. The best companies are amazing at what they do but once in a while they’re gonna have a problem. Simply put three things have to happen. A first while the ultimate goal is to restore confidence but to restore confidence these three things must happen and if you do this right way most of the time you restore the confidence. Number one you fix what needs to be fixed.  Number two you do it the right attitude. Attitude that positive and as we mentioned earlier in the presentation one that accountability something comes your way, you’re accountable and finally number three you act with a sense of urgency. You want to take care of this now. You don’t want the customer to wait any longer. I worked at a restaurant I love what would happen if there was a problem in someone said there is something wrong with whatever it is the chicken, the steak, the official order, the server would immediately reach over and pick up the dish and remove it from the table, while urgently wanted to get the problem away from the guest. I think it’s a great way to practice, when there’s a problem fix things urgently. Fix things with the right attitude. Bottom line is then, you do fix them and as I mentioned most of the time when you do that the right way if there’s a problem once in a while the customer say : „I really am glad I’m doing business with them even when there’s a problem. I know I can count them“.


    NO 10 is called Starting over.

    You’re only as good as the last time someone did business with you. My friend Vince Pomerado owns a restaurant in Saint Louis. Tony’s restaurant, very famous in Saint Louis. Actually it’s recognized worldwide for their outstanding italian food and their amazing service which is paying attention in so many the details in the dining experience. What he likes to do is to have a pre-opening meeting every day before they open their doors. All other staff assembled and he talks to them about what the specials are. he talks about what happened the night before, the good, the bad, how we can learn how we can be better. Make sure things don’t happen again if they went the wrong way. And he loved the end of the meetings by sharing the accolades, that his guest share with him the night before. Perhaps in a voicemail he received or an email or letter. And he loves saying this is great and we should all be proud OF these nice things that people say.  But guess what, in five minutes those doors open and we start over. That’s what starting over is. Recognizing that as good as you were yesterday it‘s another chance to be just as good if not even better today. And I want to give you a bonus strategy, because I never ever want to forget to remind people that you must always show appreciation. Make sure you say „thank you“. Customers want it! They expect it and at the end of the day, we must deliver on that basic needs of people feeling, that they’re appreciated at the place they do business. It could be in the form of „thank you“, it could be just a „thank you“ to somebody walked  at your door, it could be a telephone call,  it can be in email. You may even want to send somebody a small gift. It‘s a way of thanking them for their business, if that‘s appropriate. It needs to be appropriate! Bottom line is to show appreciation. As I start to wrap up here, I wanna talk about something I call „show me the money“ . That amazing service experience is an actual good investment. Companies will tell you over and over again, if we deliver better service, customers come back. Well, there’s really only a number of ways companies can grow their bottom line that is, they can get more customers. Well, that‘s marketing and sales. They can get their existing customers to come back. With that creating a great experience that would make them want to come back. You can do such a great job, that those customers were for others and create those evangelist. Absolutely, that brings in more customers.  Due to the great service you deliver, which is probably a good marketing and service strategy. If they’re loyal to you, they will buy hopefully more than they would have bought before. Simply because they grow the relationship with you. But let me take it to a whole another level. Michigan’s Law School business professor, directed a study done by the national quality research center, which actually manages the American Customer Satisfaction Index, that is a big mouthful. I believe what they found and they did a study, a ten-year study ( it’s about three years old right now ), but here’s what they found. They had a way of tracking with the best customer service companies, were the ones that were constantly striving to be the best, they could even better than they were before. And if you bought a portfolio of stocks ( let say in the mid to late 1990 ) and you bought a portfolio of just those stocks and held on to them for 10 years, at the end of 10 years the S&P had more than double, just a little bit more than double, but the stocks based on the Satisfaction Index, that work better and if everybody else is delivering great service more than double what the S&P did, and there’s a reason for that, you are more profitable. But you know, it’s not just because the service they deliver to the customer. It’s the culture, that they built internally. That’s what the cult of the customer is all about. I am just about ready to wrap up here but I just wanna make a few final comments. First of all I again want to thank our good friends and thanks  for inviting me to present this webinar. I love to work with them because we both have basically the same goal. We want to create amazing, happy customers, we want to deliver an amazing service. We would want to do such a good job that they will in fact tell others about us. Refer friends or colleagues and make sure, that everybody loves what it is that we do. So, as I start to wrap up. Just couple quick comments, I have a free phone app, an iPhone app, an Android app. These are free. You can go on the iPhone Store, the Android store and you can purchase. Well, purchase, download them at no charge. You’ll get videos from me, you’ll get articles I’ve written and it’s just a nice little apt to have if you want to do a quick little training for some other people that you work with. It‘s kinda fun thing to happen. I also have a great package: „ The Amazement Revolution“ is my most recent book that we had the call to the customer with the second-most recent but I placed the special that includes a „ Call to the Customer“ book along with the „Amazement Revolution“ book. „Moments of Magic“ which is another book „The Loyal Customer“ book I and then a DVD which is a great training tool. Normally we charge 69 dollars just for the DVD plus the postage. This is a great value because we’re gonna give you pretty damn good deal. It’s a little bit more than half what it normally is, so if you’re interested in that, please jump on the website amazerevolution.com/special. And finally I just want to say if you want to connect with me I’d love to connect with you. There you got my Twitter, my LinkedIn, YouTube. I’ve got lots of videos that we put on YouTube. I usually do about one every week or two and their training videos you can use to set up a meeting and my facebook page. I would love to have you in there „like us“ and you get the latest and greatest news from us. So with that in mind, let me turn it back over to Jess.


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