Turbado | 3 Steps to build the next billion euros business

Every successful company must have a clear vision, a plan how to achieve is, broken down to smaller targets and a precise execution at every step.

Our vision is to build a company similar to Redcoon, but in every EU country, profitable since year one and with a higher customer satisfaction and retention.

A plan how to achieve it is by opening small local internet shops, supply them from own warehouses and get a very high customer appraisal, then grow in each country.

Phase ONE:

  • Open a local branch
  • Setup local infrastructure and logistics
  • Get on major online retail platforms
  • Get customers to like us very much
  • Develop processes and keep the business flowing
  • Get each transaction profitable
  • Repeat

Phase TWO:

  • Get local distributors to use our platform
  • Setup logistics from third party warehouses to the final customer
  • Keep very high customer satisfaction
  • Sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible
  • Repeat

Phase THREE:

  • Focus on stabilizing the business
  • Get all automated
  • Get all costs as low as possible, profits as high as possible
  • Keep very high customer satisfaction and retention
  • Get the company ready to be handed over to a new management and owner
  • Sell the company to a partner that can grow it beyond million orders a year
  • Advance it to the next billion euros business