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it problem solved

IT problem solved

Probably, you have experienced it too – as I did -, that some office devices (laptop-printer-display-phone) may not work together properly, so with Stefan we thought that we should share our common experiences here, in the frame of this blog.

I collected the cases that I faced with:

  • “Dell Laptop arrived without drivers”

Your Windows may have some generic drivers, but it’s almost always best to update to Dell’s listed drivers. I had problems with the wi-fi (router not detected) and with the video driver (no signal on VGA port/external display).
1. Type your 7-digit service tag (you can find the code at the bottom of the laptop) to here:
Download the Dell System Detect software (from Dell’s support site) http://www.dell.com/support/Diagnostics/us/en/04/diagnostichome/index/quicktest
This is an application which scans your computer to detect your service tag.
2. Press “System Analysis” here: Show me driver updates by …
… and you’ll get the list of drivers (touchpad, audio, vga, wifi etc.) needed – specifically to your machine . (My Dell Precision M4700 works only with the AMD vga-driver, but some M4700 use Intel drivers + nvidia.)
The most important is the wifi, and the vga driver – eg. if you want to connect external display with vga-cable.
3. download/install 🙂

  • “Scanning stops halfway during wifi scan”

S: Open your wifi-manager (desktop), right click, and select: let Windows control wifi.

  • “I cannot print – with Brother printer – from iPhone. Airprint-support said, that this printer was not developed for this action.”

S: Download a Brother application (appstore/Brother iPrint&Scan) into your iPhone and from there setup the connection /and print from iPhone.

  • “My cursor jumps to a new position while typing” (Dell laptop)

S: Install Dell’s touchpad driver/open/turn off 2nd mouse (this “mouse” is located between on the keyboard G-H-B buttons)
S2: In the touchpad’s driver-panel set (or just turn on 🙂 ) the sensitivity of the TouchGuard.

Did you experience anything else? Leave a comment and we will come up with the solution