Turbado | Redcoon vs Turbado

Redcoon vs Turbado

Redcoon vs Turbado

Redcoon was established in 2003 by Mr. Reiner Heckel | Turbado was established in 2014 by Mr. Stefan Durina

Media-Saturn sees Redcoon as: Online sales only, targeted at price conscious buyers of electronics with no added value expectation | Turbado sees itself as Retail seller both online and later offline, targeted at price conscious buyers of electronics with expectation of long life high value add-on services

redcoon is present in 10 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal: | turbado will be present in each 28 EU countries

redcoon history:
2003: Germany /  redcoon.de 
2003: Spain /  redcoon.es 
2003: Austria /  redcoon.at 
2004: Portugal /  redcoon.pt 
2005: Netherlands /  redcoon.nl 
2006: Belgium /  redcoon.be  
2008: Poland /  redcoon.pl 
2008: Italy /  redcoon.it 
2009: Denmark /  redcoon.dk 
2010: France /  redcoon.fr

turbado future: May 2014: Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
second half of 2014: France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy

Redcoon Revenues for the fiscal year 2007/2008 at 138 million euros, in the fiscal year 2009/2010 at 354 million euros. turnover of redcoon in 2011 was expected 405M eur and reach 600 employees and it had a total loss of 2M eur in 2011 | Turbado is expected to be profitable from the beginning and reach 1 million orders a year in 2016/2017

in 2013 Redcoon had 432M turnover and 650employees, no number on the profit/loss, but based on previous years, having same turnover and more employees, strongly suggests for a loss. [please leave a comment if you have more info] | Turbado launches in 2014 with 31 employees and expects to serve 100k customers in its first year in 12 countries

Redcoon has 260k visitors a day, 180k products sold a month = 2.16M products a year — Redcoon is not considered exactly as a huge player – especially when compared to the physical locations of Media Markt and Saturn | Turbado has no visitors today, but expects to reach in one year 5M visitors in 12countries and 100k products sold that year — Turbado is still a disruptive concept we develop continually

Redcoon’s reason why their turnover didn’t grow those years (2012 and 2013 over 2011) is, that redcoon was one of the biggest buyers on the gray market all over EU and when media-saturn bought them, they couldn’t continue buying on the gray market anymore, but had to buy from official distributors and partners — Redcoon was grown with shopping on the gray market in mind – a practice which the online retailer was not able to continue as Media-Saturn-daughter. | Turbado has strong sourcing background and offers a new business method. Apple would stamp us as Apple Authorized Service Provider and we want to be part of that Program if it gives our customers a clear advantage, like early access to the new iPhone

Redcoon’s current numbers:
5.5M customers in EU
300000 products shipped a month
650 employees in 10countries
one warehouse in Germany with 53000m2
260k visitors a day
Turbado’s current numbers:
0 customers
0 products shipped a month
31 employees in 6 countries
3 warehouses in Europe with 2500m2
20 visitors a day (mostly our collegues 🙂

and this is the beginning of Turbado