TVPartner | Today I bought 1000 pieces of iPhone

1000x iPhone 5s @ turbado

1000x iPhone 5s turbado

Business as usual at [our B2B trading company that is also supplying 99% of all goods sold at Turbado], we bought and sold 1000 pieces of Apple iPhone 5s on Friday.

Suppliers try to push the prices up, buyers try to push the prices down, and between them is the small profit margin our trading company makes.

We are happy about it, we make money and keep good relationship with many reliable buyers,  sellers and traders.

TVPartner business, thanks to our colleagues Janos and Krisztina, is a pleasure to be a part of it.


Turbado will be shortly starting to offer these iPhones in 5 countries and I would like to compare the online retail prices as of today in those 5 countries: Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Most of the price conscious buyers go and look for the best deals on price comparison websites:

Slovakia: | VAT 20% | net price 440.42eur |

Czech Republic: | VAT 21% | net price 11644.63czk = 424.07eur |

Hungary: | VAT 27% | net price 130622.05huf = 424.40eur |

Poland: | VAT 23% | net price 1906.51pln = 454.73eur |

Spain: | VAT 21% | net price 463.00eur |


For wholesalers [selling from their warehouse] the golden rule is to have profits above 3%. Traders [selling other’s stocks] can work with much lower profits, sometimes as low as 1%.

So for a wholesaler to be profitable, he needs to buy in Poland below 440eur, in Hungary below 412eur and in Spain below 449.50eur and if the trader wants to get done any trades, he must have a purchase price below those prices. So the ideal business would be to buy in CZ and HU and sell in Spain and Poland.


But the problem is, you won’t find anyone who will sell you even 2 pieces of iPhone at those price levels. All those lowest prices on the internet are not real. Those are all goods with incorrect prices, out of stock, second hand, operator locked, under contract, or have other handicaps. Those are not products you can build your company on, or base your customer’s trust on. The real thing sells in retail above 500 eur net. Check your closest operator shop, like Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and ask them for a quote on a new original unit without contract or operator logo. You can subtract the VAT and about 15% profit margin and get the wholesale price.

Well, we at Turbado, we only give you 100% original product, you won’t find from us any handicapped units. We would love to offer our customers those low prices, but it would compromise our business operation and we want to be here for you for long time. So we want to give you the best value for your money. Free shipping to you and from you, brand new models, and best add-on services. Guaranteed. If you want to learn more about all the services we offe, check out my previous post: What is Turbado. Or read our average customer’s story to understand us even better.