Turbado | Our first Turbado swap ANYTIME for New Model

Turbado.sk in Slovakia, after its first SMS campaign has received a lot of interest, emails, phone calls, chat on Facebook and even visits to our shop in Presov, Slovakia.

By far the most interesting feature, in the eyes of the first time visitors, is the SWAP ANYTIME FOR NEW MODEL, where we take their old iPhone and for a fee provide a new iPhone.

So with Andrej we decided to focus our attention on that service and make it more refined and appealing for customers.

What we did, was contact a few companies in Europe that deal with iPhone returns, a few companies that buy back iPhones in Slovakia and also we checked a few suppliers from USA and Asia, that provide A grade refurbished iPhones, and also looked at ebay.de at the current prices at which iPhones are sold.

Based on all those information, we created a basic guideline what price to offer to the customers to buy their old iPhone and exchanging it for a new iPhone:

1) check the price of A grade refurbished iPhone in USA (they have good quality, good quantity and good prices); convert the price to EUR (and subtract 10% for currency fluctuation)

2) if the phone has any damage or faults, check our repair partner’s website for the costs, apply the 30% discount we have and subtract these repair costs from the base price of A grade refurbish phone

3) send this price and calculations (we want to be transparent) to the customer and explain him how we got this price

4) if the customer accepts the offer, we invite him to send the phone for inspection to us (we provide free pickup and delivery), or bring it in person to one of our service locations provided by PCExpres, where he can pay the difference and pickup his new iPhone with all the Turbado services we provide.

5) the customer is reminded to turn off Find My iPhone in iOS7 and later

6) after the phone is repaired and cleaned by PCExpres, we add new accessories to the phone and sell it to other companies that specialize in second hand electronics. And we will also launch a trial to sell these phones in PCExpres retail locations, so we can offer Turbado services to more customers, even on older models of phones.

Here is the first iPhone 5 we bought back and upgraded to iPhone 5S to the customer, who walked in to our store in Presov, Slovakia:

Turbado swap of iPhone 5

Turbado swap of iPhone 5


And these are the new accessories we changed, as the earphones were brand new, never used:

Turbado iPhone charger and cable

Turbado iPhone charger and cable


And we hope to have many satisfied customers, that will change their older phones for new ones with us. Thank you