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    Turbado | Too good to be true 

    After our successful launch in Slovakia, silent launch in Hungary, and a Facebook advertisement of our Story of an average Turbado Customer, we discovered that customers don’t believe us not only because we are new to the market, but also because our offer seems too good to be true. We further analysed this behavior and asked 90 potential customer for a short survey. The questions we asked:

    What type of mobile phone do you use? [iPhone/ Sony Xperia/ Nokia/ Samsung Galaxy/ Blackberry/ LG/ HTC/ Huawei/ Prestigio/ Google/ Sony Ericsson]

    How many times during the last 5 years have you changed your phone? For which models? And what was the reason for the change?

    What did you do with your old phone?

    How did you acquire the new phone?

    What did you base your decision on where to buy it? Were you looking for quality or price?

    Do you have a favorite e-shop?

    Have you ever purchased a used phone?

    Have your phone ever broken down? Have you had any problems with that? How long were you without a phone?

    What is your experience with customer care during the repairs?

    Would you rent a phone with the idea you can change it anytime for a new model and have it instantly replaced if malfunctioning or damaged?

    How much extra would you pay for this premium service?

    The results were very interesting, but the main question was still not answered, will the customers purchase our services?

    So we went alive, got a few orders and asked on Facebook around even more why they didn’t purchase their item from us. We have them in stock and offer a free next day delivery in the base price.

    The common denominator was that our offer seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

    So we went back to our drawing board and came up with another genius solution. ­čśÇ People are used to pay extra for additional services. They like to pay extra for what they perceive is worth it, or what makes them feel better. Like NIKE sells their shoes. You can buy them for 40 eur, 70 eur or 110 eur, they are virtually the same, marketed as one better than another and everyone chooses what he or she can afford or how they want to be seen by others.

    Our Turbado Solutions have changed, we have lowered our prices a bit, split the services offered into a basic and premium service. In the basic offer we keep all what the customers expect to receive from a great company and we introduced the Premium Services additional package at +10% fee, where we have put all turbado specialties. And we added a new twist: if the customer doesn’t use our Premium Services, he would get the 10% fee back as a store credit and he could spend it on his next purchase.

    Soon we will roll out this new version to the general public in Slovakia and then in Hungary and other countries and see if customers respond to it well. And the interesting part will be to find out how many customer are willing to pay for the Turbado Premium Services.


    turbado premium partner

    turbado premium partner

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    Turbado | Customer validation through Facebook campaign 

    Over a week ago we launched a successful Facebook campaign for Turbado.sk. The title read: Do you have an iPhone? We give you a free charger! [M├íte iPhone? D├íme V├ím zadarmo nab├şja─Źku!]

    The customer had to answer 3 simple questions: Which model of iPhone they currently have, if they would like to upgrade it for a new iPhone 5s 16GB and what EUR amount they would like to pay for the exchange.

    For everyone who answered these 3 questions, they could claim their free iPhone charger, given they fill out their shipping details, email address, phone number and IMEI number of their iPhone (in order to verify they really have an iPhone).

    Turbado iPhone charger

    Turbado iPhone charger

    We boosted that campaign on Facebook for 450 EUR, targeted on male and female in Slovakia interested in iPhone, and with no age restriction. According to FB stats, we achieved 207399 paid Reach, spent every cent of 450 EUR, got 7416 actions: 5 Photo clicks, 6762 Link Clicks, 452 Page Likes, 327 Post Likes, 49 Shares and 273 people commented for a total of 532 comments.

    turbado.sk FB campaign results

    turbado.sk FB campaign results

    We found the highest value of this FB campaign over the previous SMS campaigns was the engagement we got from users and the many questions and critics we received, that help us to understand better our customers, their needs and wants, what are they afraid of. Check out this PDF for a translation of these comments: Turbado.sk Customers FB comments.

    Our FB campaign also triggered chats and posts on forums and websites outside of FB, some users gave us back an extra thanks, like creating this animated video of  Turbado square logo.

    So after all these numbers and comments, the result is:

    We handed out over 2700 chargers in this campaign over a period of one week, got feedback on the quality of our accessories, got suggestions how to make them even better, and made a small positive impact on many customers by introducing them to the Turbado world

    What the customers received was: an envelop, USB charger with Turbado logo, lightning cable with Turbado logo, brochure about Turbado and its benefits over regular purchase

    Turbado.sk welcome package

    Turbado.sk welcome package

    and the brochure is a two sided, A5 sized info material, you can view the original version in SK language in this PDF: 2014-08-16 turbado.sk brochure

    I would like to thank Andrej and Sandra for their work with preparing and posting all those letters, answering every customer’s question in a timely manner and keeping Turbado.sk heading in the right direction — introducing Turbado and its Premium Services to current iPhone owners, so they know us, understand us and are able to experience us with their next iPhone purchase.

    And we at Turbado send our Thanks to every visitor and interested person, even if you don’t shop with us at this time. Turbado.sk prepared an additional thank you note, worth sharing:

    turbado.sk dakujeme

    turbado.sk dakujeme


    Thank you all and let’s work together towards a common goal, to be more satisfied with our choices and to be able to revert anytime if we don’t like any of our choice. Turbado does just that with your electronics choices.

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    Turbado | From customer discovery to Customer validation 

    After spending over a year working on Turbado with our team of 30+ people, and burning almost 800 000 euros cash, I feel it is the time to come to market.

    From customer discovery stage, where we found a problem worth solving, tested it through customer interviews and landing pages, we developed a solution through customers. The question then becomes can we execute on a solution to these problems and get customers to pay us.

    Turbado enters the Valley of Death, aka Customer validation stage.

    The objective of this stage is to build something people will want and validate our innovative business model. This is the hardest and most uncertain stage, where we must find the right ways to showcase our solutions, to make our business repeatable and scalable. In turbado.sk we found out we need first to build up a customer base and trust, only then we can count the orders and scale our business, only then we can offer the ultimate solutions Turbado is about. And trust comes with time, stability, fulfilled expectations and over-delivering on promises.

    So after many thoughts, we make a first significant iteration┬áto Turbado: Split our offer from one ultimate solution to a base offering that is good enough and costs less and a premium service that is excellent, but costs extra. Customers were asking for this in two ways: those would could pay for it said it is too good to be true and those who didn’t care about any extras, just wanted a lower price.

    So Turbado now competes on new fronts: a new for us are the price conscious buyers (account for over 40% of the market), then our preferred technology geeks that tend to upgrade their electronics very often (around 15% of the market) and buyers that look for best price-value ratio (around 30%). These in total now give us a target group of over 85% of the internet market and we will see where the customers will steer our company. We will follow them where they want us to go.

    We will start offering the lowest prices on the local markets, giving only the minimum expected services to our customers, but at the same time introduce them what Turbado really is and how they can become a part of it.

    We launch in August 2014 with this new iteration in Hungary, Slovakia and Spain. Shortly adding Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Austria. ┬áLet’s give those first new customers some Turbado experience. Let’s amaze them with our Superior Unexpected Customer Service. Welcome to the Valley of Death:

    turbado at the valley of death

    turbado at the valley of death

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