Turbado 2.0 – second phase initiated

Turbado phase 2

Before we sell our company for 100+ Million Euros, we must grow to one million orders a year, 350M euros turnover, 14M euros profit and keep our high customer satisfaction level.

And to come closer to our target, we are launching the second phase of our project:

Phase TWO:

  • Get local distributors to use our platform
  • Setup logistics from third party warehouses to the final customer
  • Keep very high customer satisfaction
  • Sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible
  • Repeat

The first project of Turbado 2.0:

Launched a week ago in Czech Republic, listed on local marketplaces and price comparison websites, we take all products from local IT distributors, and thanks to our business model, we are able to sell their products at lower prices. After a successful testing period, we will offer their products also in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Germany, in every country we are active in. Then we get new suppliers from other countries, start them in one local country, and after the test period we get them on every other market we are present at.
Our aim is to grow to 700 orders a day in December 2015, from the current 250-300 orders a day.

Basically from our suppliers we need:

  • XML with product availability and export prices,
  • quick deliveries to our warehouse,
  • we need our suppliers to prepare packages for the final customer, with our invoice and our shipping label,
  • a credit line of 7-30 days
  • accept back customer returns within 14 days,
  • and help us with warranty repairs.

For every company working with us, it could be a big boost in growth. Not only in their local market, but in every EU market with virtually no extra work needed, nothing to risk.

We will be attending IFA Berlin in September 2015, if you want to meet us there and discuss further, we would be happy to do that.