Turbado wins 3rd place SHOP OF THE YEAR

Last week our Hungarian Turbado secured the 3rd place of the SHOP OF THE YEAR competition, in the popular category of Consumer Electronics:

Turbado orszag boltja


The SHOP OF THE YEAR competition is designed to provide users a post-purchase evaluation of real customers, voting for the company providing the highest quality service and operating the most popular websites, combined with the popularity of online shopping. The awards were given out by Tomas Braverman:

Turbado.hu shop of the year

Our shops in 5 countries served over 45 000 customers in the last 12 months, achieving a yearly turnover of 12M euros and customer satisfaction of 99.7%.

We need an investor to grow. The next one million Euros will enable us to fulfill 400 orders a day and serve 120 000 customers a year, to open our shop in the next country (6th country). We can offer a 20% yearly interest rate, interest paid out monthly to your bank account (16667 eur a month from 1M euros). We are looking for only one investor of the first Million euros, after that we will offer “only” 8% pa. interest rate. The investment is to be used only for buying inventory and for the waiting time until we get the payment from customers (Cash on delivery, paypal, different marketplaces…). Are you able to help us?