1.5 Million Customers can’t be wrong

Turbado is Simple and Easy:

instead of buying an iPhone, buy it as a service. Pay less upfront, low or zero monthly fees and return it anytime you are done using it, either for second hand resell or recycling.

If your returned phones still holds any value, we refurbish it and sell it for you on ebay, so you can buy a new phone again and not worry about the old one.

We keep maintaining your phone as long as you are using it, giving you a lifetime warranty.

  1. Our customers pay less to get their phones and electronics
  2. They can return them any time and get money back
  3. They get warranty for as long as they hold the device
  4. We help them to find a new home for their unwanted items
  5. At the end of life, we recycle responsively, zero waste ends up on landfills

All that with superior unexpected customer support, fast delivery, next business day repair or exchange.

No wonder Turbado won the best mobile phones company in several countries.