Turbado makes owning an iPhone better.

Turbado makes owning an iPhone better. Turbado doesn’t want you to suffer from FOMO.

“Fear of Missing Out.” It’s a real thing. You may have experienced FOMO yourself.

Maybe your friend got the latest and greatest iPhone from Turbado.

Then your friend bragged about how the iPhone they got from Turbado comes with a lifetime warranty.

Which is important because your friend is also notorious for dropping phones in the sink…when the sink is full.

…And dropping his phone in parking lots. Where it gets its screen cracked.

…And that one time your friend just decided he was sick of his iPhone problems and he threw it into an active volcano, only to somehow get it back a few minutes later. Wow, that must have been hot.

Oh, no FOMO. Your friend has a better iPhone service than you. Not just a lifetime warranty from Turbado…but it also comes with Turbado’s premium service.

Turbado gives you…hold onto your wig…because there are lots of benefits to buying your iPhone through Turbado:

  1. Next business day repair or exchange. Awesome.
  2. Anytime upgrade. Genius.
  3. Anytime return. Jackpot!
  4. Out of Warranty repairs? No problem.
  5. Free back rubs. OK, this one isn’t true. Yet.

People all over the country are turning to Turbado for the ultimate iPhone experience.

Don’t throw your iPhone in a volcano. Again. Turbado customer service will make you love your phone every step of the way.

Get Turbado. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in an iPhone experience…but better.

Disclaimer: Turbado does not endorse the throwing of anything into an active volcano.