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    Turbado | in April 2015 we have 6 Million Euros 

    2015-05-01 turbado 6000000

    Turbado by the end of April 2015 has received 23179 orders with an average value of 263.77 Eur, bringing in a revenue of over 6.1 Million Euros.

    All this with only 200k Euros stock inventory, a great team of sales people, warehouse staff and managers.

    Today we are active in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. Spain, France and the other countries we had to close for the shortage of money.

    Only 4 out of 1000 customers are not SATISFIED and would not recommend our company to others, mostly because they don’t feel safe about not being the owner of the device they get from us.

    Customers mostly like our price/value ratio, free shipping, next day delivery, express warranty replacement, but the most they talk about is our Superior Unexpected Customer Support. Our customers love how we treat them and they recommend us to their friends, colleagues and family. And over 8% of our orders are from repeated customers.

    At this stage, we are bringing in daily around 150 new customers and shipping out 180 mobile phones. This December we want to be at 700 items a day, so we have a lot of work ahead of us.

    The easiest to grow is to open new countries and tap into new markets, but that costs us around 50000 EUR per country (opening the local operation and breaking even). So Austria, Spain, France, UK and the rest of EU will have to wait a bit… we are making money to come to you.



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    Turbado | WebSummit @ Dublin 2014 | Why does Turbado succeed 

    As the founder of Twitch and Justin.tv, Justin Kan wrote in his blog:


    “local companies win markets over foreign companies because they are better able to understand and act on local marketplace dynamics.”

    This is one of the main differences between Turbado and companies like Pixmania, Alzashop and others. They think Europe is a single market, but if you go out of your city and country, you will quickly notice, that each of the 28 countries that the EU is composed of, is different.

    Turbado is a local company, in each country it feels as home, local people see it, feel it, experience it as a local company and these individual local companies make Turbado strong, makes us the next billion euros business.

    This is a nice list of potential investors that will attend this year’s WebSummit in Dublin:


    quickly going though them, will give you the confidence you can find an investor for whatever your company does, everyone wants to make money with you.

    To me, the interesting meetings could be with:

    Michaela Jacova from Neulogy – because it is an initiative from Slovakia and it is nice to see the differences how they see the opportunity we offer

    Delta Partners – if those are the guys from Dubai, which funded Virgin Mobile Central Europe and Eastern Europe VMCEE, which could be a great opportunity to offer Turbado services through a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Lebara?)

    BDMI Fund of Bertelsmann that invested already in similar companies, like Returbo, Frank and Oak or alaTest and Turbado would be a nice addition to their portfolio

    Paul Thiekotter of RI-Digital (Raffay) which have a nice portfolio of european e-commerce projects in Germany and Turbado could be the one that is in each EU country and helps their other project go international

    Allan Majotra of Silicon Valley Bank – I feel the connection with Allan through the love of art, where he created a marketplace for art, picassomio.com and his new work @ SVB could help us to get inventory financing, to have enough products on stock, to offer through Turbado in 6 countries.

    Ali Esfahani of Morgan Stanley – I find him to have a great track of companies he was involved with while their IPO or other exits, I believe he knows best who could invest into Turbado, similar investors that  stand behind Alibaba or Amazon or FB

    Philip Wilkinson, the creator of first price comparison website in UK (shopgenie) and merged into French Kelkoo – I feel his story is very similar to mine, and it could be a nice chat to have, to see what other falls and successes he had

    Highland Capital Partners – Mr. Mullen and Mrs Goldenberg, which are probably not coming to Dublin, but I see their portfolio is exactly what Turbado is. Glasses Direct and Spartoo… Turbado with mobile phones and electronics would nicely add to their great investments.

    Inundata of Shane Naughton – not many info there available online, but TaxStream and his experience of US companies doing business in Europe, taxation and other issues… could be a great chat with him

    Ophelia and Grace of Index Ventures – Grace I feel is close to our interests, with having a great history with Apple, and Apple is in our main focus, and they declare to be interested in eCommerce companies. Well, here we are, would be great to chat 🙂

    Bob van Nordvick of Amazon Web Services – well, are you interested in an early talk of selling Turbado to Amazon when we reach our goals? 28 countries, 1 million orders, 300+ million euros turnover and a nice little profit to it

    Michael Copeland of Andreesseen Horowitz – his focus grabbed my attention: Your company is about to launch. No one quite understands why you’re the next billion-dollar business. WOW, exactly what I feel now

    Turbado WebSummit 2014

    Turbado WebSummit 2014



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    Turbado | We need your help! 

    Turbado is a network of internet shops in each EU country, based on an innovative business model, where you don’t buy your electronics, but use them as yours as long as you want it and we take care it will just work as intended.

    Since the first idea of creating Turbado, registering its trademark, developing and verifying its viability, changing what had to be changed, finding local managers in several EU countries, opening local companies, offices, finding local tax advisers, lawyers, accountants and throwing money at them to verify our business model works in each EU country, developing our websites, redesigning them for mobile devices, making them more user friendly, secure and easy to order, implemented every local payment and delivery method, implementing the different local legislatures, requirements, languages, translations and different expectations of the local markets, getting us registered to local catalogs, price comparison websites, building back-links, writing and publishing PR articles, further developing advanced functionality of our web-shops, opening our network of warehouses, finding and training the good people to work with, solving local and international logistics, developing a warehouse connector to every our web-shop, daily updating of our prices based on the market situation, talking and meeting with suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, payment processors, credit insurance companies, inventory financing companies, banks, potential investors, and many other tasks that are necessary for running a business,

    we arrived at the stage, where we need external help with financing our inventory, financing our growth into new countries and financing of the initial marketing expenses.

    Until now, we were able to self finance our entire operation, investing over one million euros into the pre-launch stages and arriving to a point, where we are operational in


    We have 42 staff members that support our company, we have 4 warehouses that are able to fulfill the daily orders and delivery the orders to the customer next business day, we are getting orders every day from each country and we are fulfilling them with over 98% customer satisfaction. And even customers that were not satisfied for whichever reason, get a small gift from us as an apology for not meeting his or her expectations and we learn and advance by solving every large and small problem on the way.

    Turbado was self financed by the money we made in the previous years in TVPartner, a B2B trading company, which is now out of money for 3 reasons:

    1) Most of our focus was on building our B2C platforms, where we invested our time and money (1M euros)

    2) Tax office in Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic, from where we were exporting the goods we sold, owe us over 3M euros on VAT held back, having open some tax controls for over a year, as trading with mobile phones is apparently a high risk business, and they are checking every inch of our companies and those of our suppliers and of our customers. We just don’t know when will our money be paid back to us.

    3) We don’t have enough stock in our 4 warehouses, as we don’t have means to finance them (point 1 and 2) and this way we are getting way less orders in the 6 countries than what we would with sufficient inventory.



    We need:

    1) inventory financing – this is the most crucial for us at the moment, to have enough stock in the 4 warehouses. ESTIMATED 1 million euros is needed in 2014 and 3 million euros in 2015

    2) marketing financing – we need to acquire customers by giving first and receiving later. ESTIMATED 1 million euros is needed to acquire 200k customers, iPhone owners, that will want to upgrade their iPhone to a new one through us

    3) growth financing – we want to open 6-8 new countries every year. ESTIMATED 100 thousand euros per country is needed for the pre-launch stage and another 100 thousand euros per country for the initial marketing expenses

    4) trade financing – this is to get back into B2B as we made 2 million euros profit in the previous 1.5 years, which we invested into our B2C operation and the tax office holds back our money. ESTIMATED 1 million euros is needed to resume our trading business and continue building on the established relationships and experience

    TURBADO investors wanted

    TURBADO investors wanted

    What we give:

    a) Turbado aims to fulfill one million orders a year with a turnover around 350 million euros and profits over 20 million euros (thanks to our innovative business model of long term rental)

    b) TVPartner aims to resume trading, supplying web-shops and achieve over 1M euros profit @ 50M euros turnover in 2015

    c) collateral of over 3M euros which the tax office owes us, secured stock inventory in our warehouses, warehouse building of 1000 m2 in Slovakia that is our property, worth 150k euros; movable properties of around 80k euros,

    d) higher than industry ROI (thanks to our innovative business model), secured by our previous investments and inventory, optionally secured by company stock



    Our success of having over 80 thousand B2C customers and over 2600 suppliers and B2B customers and stable growth is achieved by our long term vision, long term partnerships with clients, employees and customers and by our efficiency at delivering and keeping delivering even in the more difficult times.

    So if you are an investor, banker, venture capitalist, enthusiast with money, a fundraiser or anyone that can give us support, WE NEED YOUR HELP now.

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    Turbado | IFA Berlin 2014 

    Turbado was presenting its services at IFA Berlin 2014, September 5 to 10.  You can see our online profile on ifa-berlin.de

    It was a busy week, lots of meetings, lots of talking and lots of new contacts. We had a great location for our stand this year, at hall 7.2C next to Amazon stand. Our CEO, Bertalan Bognar counted that over 130 thousand people passed by our stand and about 3 out of 10 noticed it, 1 out of 10 remembered after 30 seconds they saw a “Buddha” recently.

    Turbado IFA 2014 stand

    Turbado IFA 2014 stand

    But the more important thing is, we got noticed. We had companies coming to IFA only to meet us, companies and people from France, Sweden and Greece, interested in opening a franchised business with our services and a lot of business people wanting to work with us to offer their products on our websites in each EU country.

    Companies’ reps that walked by and also those that had their stands with interesting products, they got our brochure TURBADO – The next BILLION euros business, creating some shatters in the background 🙂

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet outside

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet outside

    And probably some of them read the inside as well, because they came back to us later in person or by phone and email to ask for more info:

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet inside

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet inside

    So another successful exhibition is behind us and we must continue our work towards that billion euros target, to get us notices by potential buyers in the future (hint: Amazon.com, Mediamarkt, Expert).

    I would like to thank to Lucie Kockova, Wasilios Spanos, Maic Dannemann, Bertalan Bognar to represent us in person at IFA, without which I would be sitting there alone 😀  Thank you guys, it was great to drink beer with you after hours 😉 and we are all looking forward to the next get together.

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    Turbado | Too good to be true 

    After our successful launch in Slovakia, silent launch in Hungary, and a Facebook advertisement of our Story of an average Turbado Customer, we discovered that customers don’t believe us not only because we are new to the market, but also because our offer seems too good to be true. We further analysed this behavior and asked 90 potential customer for a short survey. The questions we asked:

    What type of mobile phone do you use? [iPhone/ Sony Xperia/ Nokia/ Samsung Galaxy/ Blackberry/ LG/ HTC/ Huawei/ Prestigio/ Google/ Sony Ericsson]

    How many times during the last 5 years have you changed your phone? For which models? And what was the reason for the change?

    What did you do with your old phone?

    How did you acquire the new phone?

    What did you base your decision on where to buy it? Were you looking for quality or price?

    Do you have a favorite e-shop?

    Have you ever purchased a used phone?

    Have your phone ever broken down? Have you had any problems with that? How long were you without a phone?

    What is your experience with customer care during the repairs?

    Would you rent a phone with the idea you can change it anytime for a new model and have it instantly replaced if malfunctioning or damaged?

    How much extra would you pay for this premium service?

    The results were very interesting, but the main question was still not answered, will the customers purchase our services?

    So we went alive, got a few orders and asked on Facebook around even more why they didn’t purchase their item from us. We have them in stock and offer a free next day delivery in the base price.

    The common denominator was that our offer seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

    So we went back to our drawing board and came up with another genius solution. 😀 People are used to pay extra for additional services. They like to pay extra for what they perceive is worth it, or what makes them feel better. Like NIKE sells their shoes. You can buy them for 40 eur, 70 eur or 110 eur, they are virtually the same, marketed as one better than another and everyone chooses what he or she can afford or how they want to be seen by others.

    Our Turbado Solutions have changed, we have lowered our prices a bit, split the services offered into a basic and premium service. In the basic offer we keep all what the customers expect to receive from a great company and we introduced the Premium Services additional package at +10% fee, where we have put all turbado specialties. And we added a new twist: if the customer doesn’t use our Premium Services, he would get the 10% fee back as a store credit and he could spend it on his next purchase.

    Soon we will roll out this new version to the general public in Slovakia and then in Hungary and other countries and see if customers respond to it well. And the interesting part will be to find out how many customer are willing to pay for the Turbado Premium Services.


    turbado premium partner

    turbado premium partner

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    Turbado | Customer validation through Facebook campaign 

    Over a week ago we launched a successful Facebook campaign for Turbado.sk. The title read: Do you have an iPhone? We give you a free charger! [Máte iPhone? Dáme Vám zadarmo nabíjačku!]

    The customer had to answer 3 simple questions: Which model of iPhone they currently have, if they would like to upgrade it for a new iPhone 5s 16GB and what EUR amount they would like to pay for the exchange.

    For everyone who answered these 3 questions, they could claim their free iPhone charger, given they fill out their shipping details, email address, phone number and IMEI number of their iPhone (in order to verify they really have an iPhone).

    Turbado iPhone charger

    Turbado iPhone charger

    We boosted that campaign on Facebook for 450 EUR, targeted on male and female in Slovakia interested in iPhone, and with no age restriction. According to FB stats, we achieved 207399 paid Reach, spent every cent of 450 EUR, got 7416 actions: 5 Photo clicks, 6762 Link Clicks, 452 Page Likes, 327 Post Likes, 49 Shares and 273 people commented for a total of 532 comments.

    turbado.sk FB campaign results

    turbado.sk FB campaign results

    We found the highest value of this FB campaign over the previous SMS campaigns was the engagement we got from users and the many questions and critics we received, that help us to understand better our customers, their needs and wants, what are they afraid of. Check out this PDF for a translation of these comments: Turbado.sk Customers FB comments.

    Our FB campaign also triggered chats and posts on forums and websites outside of FB, some users gave us back an extra thanks, like creating this animated video of  Turbado square logo.

    So after all these numbers and comments, the result is:

    We handed out over 2700 chargers in this campaign over a period of one week, got feedback on the quality of our accessories, got suggestions how to make them even better, and made a small positive impact on many customers by introducing them to the Turbado world

    What the customers received was: an envelop, USB charger with Turbado logo, lightning cable with Turbado logo, brochure about Turbado and its benefits over regular purchase

    Turbado.sk welcome package

    Turbado.sk welcome package

    and the brochure is a two sided, A5 sized info material, you can view the original version in SK language in this PDF: 2014-08-16 turbado.sk brochure

    I would like to thank Andrej and Sandra for their work with preparing and posting all those letters, answering every customer’s question in a timely manner and keeping Turbado.sk heading in the right direction — introducing Turbado and its Premium Services to current iPhone owners, so they know us, understand us and are able to experience us with their next iPhone purchase.

    And we at Turbado send our Thanks to every visitor and interested person, even if you don’t shop with us at this time. Turbado.sk prepared an additional thank you note, worth sharing:

    turbado.sk dakujeme

    turbado.sk dakujeme


    Thank you all and let’s work together towards a common goal, to be more satisfied with our choices and to be able to revert anytime if we don’t like any of our choice. Turbado does just that with your electronics choices.

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    Turbado | From customer discovery to Customer validation 

    After spending over a year working on Turbado with our team of 30+ people, and burning almost 800 000 euros cash, I feel it is the time to come to market.

    From customer discovery stage, where we found a problem worth solving, tested it through customer interviews and landing pages, we developed a solution through customers. The question then becomes can we execute on a solution to these problems and get customers to pay us.

    Turbado enters the Valley of Death, aka Customer validation stage.

    The objective of this stage is to build something people will want and validate our innovative business model. This is the hardest and most uncertain stage, where we must find the right ways to showcase our solutions, to make our business repeatable and scalable. In turbado.sk we found out we need first to build up a customer base and trust, only then we can count the orders and scale our business, only then we can offer the ultimate solutions Turbado is about. And trust comes with time, stability, fulfilled expectations and over-delivering on promises.

    So after many thoughts, we make a first significant iteration to Turbado: Split our offer from one ultimate solution to a base offering that is good enough and costs less and a premium service that is excellent, but costs extra. Customers were asking for this in two ways: those would could pay for it said it is too good to be true and those who didn’t care about any extras, just wanted a lower price.

    So Turbado now competes on new fronts: a new for us are the price conscious buyers (account for over 40% of the market), then our preferred technology geeks that tend to upgrade their electronics very often (around 15% of the market) and buyers that look for best price-value ratio (around 30%). These in total now give us a target group of over 85% of the internet market and we will see where the customers will steer our company. We will follow them where they want us to go.

    We will start offering the lowest prices on the local markets, giving only the minimum expected services to our customers, but at the same time introduce them what Turbado really is and how they can become a part of it.

    We launch in August 2014 with this new iteration in Hungary, Slovakia and Spain. Shortly adding Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Austria.  Let’s give those first new customers some Turbado experience. Let’s amaze them with our Superior Unexpected Customer Service. Welcome to the Valley of Death:

    turbado at the valley of death

    turbado at the valley of death

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    Turbado | Second SMS campaign in Slovakia: Not as desired 

    For the last two days around 25000 iPhone owners in Slovakia received an SMS with the text: We exchange your iPhone for a new 5S at http://turbado.sk/sms. Or we give you an iPhone charger for free. [Vyhodne vymenime Vas iPhone za novy 5S na http://turbado.sk/sms. Alebo Vam darujeme nabijacku na iPhone zadarmo]

    in total 4458 users (5104 sessions) arrived to our website and viewed 26717 pages, compared to 3708 users (4533 sessions) and 10637 pageviews from the first SMS campaign. So definitely we had a greater impact and interest with the second campaign than with the first one.

    After the user arrived to our webpage [http://turbado.sk/sms], he got redirected to http://turbado.sk/#vymena where he could click on the current iPhone he has or click that he has no iPhone and then it showed the price he has to pay to exchange his current iPhone to a new iPhone 5S 16GB with Turbado Services. These are the prices the user would have to pay if his current iPhone is in good working and aesthetic condition:

    iPhone 3G/3GS – 559eur

    iPhone 4 – 489eur

    iPhone 4S – 429eur

    iPhone 5/5C – 309eur

    and the user was given a possibility to see in a PDF the full checklist what it means good working and aesthetic condition: PDF in Slovak

    and also he was told that if any part of his iPhone is damaged, then the repair cost  would be calculated based on the price list of our service partner PCexpres.sk

    If he agreed with our offer, then in the next step he chose how he wants to realize the exchange:

    1) We send him first the new iPhone, he pays the full price for it, then UPS picks up his old iPhone, we inspect it and send him money back

    2) First we pickup his old iPhone, inspect it and send him the new iPhone and he pays only the balance

    3) He brings his old iPhone to PCexpres stand in shopping malls in Bratislava or Kosice, where they inspect his old iPhone and for the balance payment he gets the new iPhone 5S right there.


    And the results: we gave out 308 iPhone chargers for newly registered users and we rented out one iPhone 5S for the full price (no exchange).


    Conclusion: we interviewed several visitors and customers that called us, emailed us and came to visit us at PCexpres stand in Aupark Bratislava and OC Optima Kosice and most of them said they are waiting for the new iPhone in September or they are satisfied with their current iPhone and don’t have the need to upgrade, or they wanted to pay a much lower amount for the upgrade. Only a few of them were concerned that we are a new company and they need more time to get to know us and get confident in our business.

    I would like to thank this way to all participants, to our customers, and especially to my colleagues who invested their time, brains, and voice into this campaign: Andrej Vargecko, Lucie Kockova and Matej Kontros. thanks again.


    Swap with Turbado anytime

    Swap with Turbado anytime

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    Turbado | Our first Turbado swap ANYTIME for New Model 

    Turbado.sk in Slovakia, after its first SMS campaign has received a lot of interest, emails, phone calls, chat on Facebook and even visits to our shop in Presov, Slovakia.

    By far the most interesting feature, in the eyes of the first time visitors, is the SWAP ANYTIME FOR NEW MODEL, where we take their old iPhone and for a fee provide a new iPhone.

    So with Andrej we decided to focus our attention on that service and make it more refined and appealing for customers.

    What we did, was contact a few companies in Europe that deal with iPhone returns, a few companies that buy back iPhones in Slovakia and also we checked a few suppliers from USA and Asia, that provide A grade refurbished iPhones, and also looked at ebay.de at the current prices at which iPhones are sold.

    Based on all those information, we created a basic guideline what price to offer to the customers to buy their old iPhone and exchanging it for a new iPhone:

    1) check the price of A grade refurbished iPhone in USA (they have good quality, good quantity and good prices); convert the price to EUR (and subtract 10% for currency fluctuation)

    2) if the phone has any damage or faults, check our repair partner’s website for the costs, apply the 30% discount we have and subtract these repair costs from the base price of A grade refurbish phone

    3) send this price and calculations (we want to be transparent) to the customer and explain him how we got this price

    4) if the customer accepts the offer, we invite him to send the phone for inspection to us (we provide free pickup and delivery), or bring it in person to one of our service locations provided by PCExpres, where he can pay the difference and pickup his new iPhone with all the Turbado services we provide.

    5) the customer is reminded to turn off Find My iPhone in iOS7 and later

    6) after the phone is repaired and cleaned by PCExpres, we add new accessories to the phone and sell it to other companies that specialize in second hand electronics. And we will also launch a trial to sell these phones in PCExpres retail locations, so we can offer Turbado services to more customers, even on older models of phones.

    Here is the first iPhone 5 we bought back and upgraded to iPhone 5S to the customer, who walked in to our store in Presov, Slovakia:

    Turbado swap of iPhone 5

    Turbado swap of iPhone 5


    And these are the new accessories we changed, as the earphones were brand new, never used:

    Turbado iPhone charger and cable

    Turbado iPhone charger and cable


    And we hope to have many satisfied customers, that will change their older phones for new ones with us. Thank you

    • turbado_HU 13:45 on July 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Nice. What was the price difference between the old 5 and the new 5s?

      • sd@turbado 19:36 on July 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Customer paid almost 400eur for the upgrade to a new iPhone 5S, he had there malfunctioning front camera and the lock button not working + a bogger damage from the side of the phone.

        • turbado_HU 10:36 on July 13, 2014 Permalink

          I think, all of us would need a chart/xls where all of the product types (4, 4s, 5 etc), ages (in month) and the kinds of error are marked up and priced. (with this an approx. offer can be done for the interested ones…) What do you think?

        • sd@turbado 08:27 on July 14, 2014 Permalink

          yes, we are working on that right now, to find the best formula and balance, so we don’t lose money on it, and the customer gets an offer that he/she is willing to take

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    Turbado | SMS campaign in Slovakia for Turbado.sk 

    Two days ago, 24.6.2014 we launched an SMS campaign in Slovakia, which goal was to engage current iPhone owners via SMS (text message), to come to our website, register and get to know what is Turbado.

    We targeted current iPhone owners, that agreed to receive commercial SMS from the local mobile operators. The SMS we came up with, read in Slovak:

    Nic nie je zadarmo? Darujeme iPhone nabijacku zdarma kazdemu. Iba tu a teraz: http://turbado.sk/sms


    Nothing is for free? We give away iPhone chargers to everyone. Only here and now: http://turbado.sk/sms

    When the customer clicked on the link, it took him to our page, where he entered his data: First name and last name, Address, postal code, city, phone number, email address and the model of iOS device he owns currently (drop down menu: iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod, iPad). After the order received, we shipped out the same day or next business day a free charger with Turbado logo and a brochure to introduce our company.

    The customer could share this free charger give away on social media, where the customers coming from social media, were taken to the page http://turbado.sk/fb and to verify they have an iPhone, we also asked them to submit their IMEI number, as with this campaign, we wanted to have a database of current iPhone owners, so we can engage them with iPhone targeted offers (update your current iPhone to the iPhone 5s; pre-order an iPhone 6, etc.)

    The results we got from the SMS campaign:

    In total over 25000 SMS were sent out, first day 13000 and second day 12000 of which 3555 unique visitors came to our website and 807 of them registered on our website and we shipped out 796 chargers. in % it is over 14% click-through rate and 3.2% conversion rate from total SMS or 22.7% conversion from visitors.

    My thoughts:

    SMS is a tool, that gets out your offer to a target group of users and has a high number of views, as most of the people first read the message, then deletes/ignores it, or acts on it. When we were making our predictions, we expected a 40% click through rate and above 15% conversion rate from those who came to our website. So in one number we were disappointed, the click through rate instead of 40% was only 14%. The conversion rate was slightly higher than expected. The registration window will be open for another 2 days, so these numbers should grow a bit, but not significantly.

    And here are some pictures from the campaign:

    1) this was the picture used to share on Facebook and Google+

    Turbado.sk SMS campaign FB picture

    Turbado.sk SMS campaign FB picture

    2) Our colleague Janka sticking those labels to those almost 800 envelopes with our brochure and a free charger.

    Turbado.sk labeling of envelopes with a free charger

    Turbado.sk labeling of envelopes with a free charger

    3) Turbado.sk’s office in Presov, Slovakia, is proud to present a hand painted replica of Pablo Picasso’s Las Meninas, which I saw with Andrej Vargecko (manager of Turbado.sk) in Barcelona and we both liked it so much, that we had to have it painted for us and look at it while at the office.

    Turbado.sk Picasso Las Meninas and iPhone charger

    Turbado.sk Picasso Las Meninas and iPhone charger

    4) And this is what the customers get: Turbado labeled USB charger, with IC protection, each charger tested manually in China up to 3000 Volts and each charger passing the test. High quality product, with output 5V and 1A (+-1%), it is the kind of a product you can use for many years to come = Turbado quality in action, with next business day exchange if it fails you. Even if you got it free, we stand by it with our Turbado warranty.

    Turbado charger

    Turbado charger

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