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  • Stefan Durina 19:03 on October 26, 2015 Permalink |
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    Turbado wins 3rd place SHOP OF THE YEAR 

    Last week our Hungarian Turbado secured the 3rd place of the SHOP OF THE YEAR competition, in the popular category of Consumer Electronics:

    Turbado orszag boltja


    The SHOP OF THE YEAR competition is designed to provide users a post-purchase evaluation of real customers, voting for the company providing the highest quality service and operating the most popular websites, combined with the popularity of online shopping. The awards were given out by Tomas Braverman:

    Turbado.hu shop of the year

    Our shops in 5 countries served over 45 000 customers in the last 12 months, achieving a yearly turnover of 12M euros and customer satisfaction of 99.7%.

    We need an investor to grow. The next one million Euros will enable us to fulfill 400 orders a day and serve 120 000 customers a year, to open our shop in the next country (6th country). We can offer a 20% yearly interest rate, interest paid out monthly to your bank account (16667 eur a month from 1M euros). We are looking for only one investor of the first Million euros, after that we will offer “only” 8% pa. interest rate. The investment is to be used only for buying inventory and for the waiting time until we get the payment from customers (Cash on delivery, paypal, different marketplaces…). Are you able to help us?

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    Turbado | WebSummit @ Dublin 2014 | Why does Turbado succeed 

    As the founder of Twitch and Justin.tv, Justin Kan wrote in his blog:


    “local companies win markets over foreign companies because they are better able to understand and act on local marketplace dynamics.”

    This is one of the main differences between Turbado and companies like Pixmania, Alzashop and others. They think Europe is a single market, but if you go out of your city and country, you will quickly notice, that each of the 28 countries that the EU is composed of, is different.

    Turbado is a local company, in each country it feels as home, local people see it, feel it, experience it as a local company and these individual local companies make Turbado strong, makes us the next billion euros business.

    This is a nice list of potential investors that will attend this year’s WebSummit in Dublin:


    quickly going though them, will give you the confidence you can find an investor for whatever your company does, everyone wants to make money with you.

    To me, the interesting meetings could be with:

    Michaela Jacova from Neulogy – because it is an initiative from Slovakia and it is nice to see the differences how they see the opportunity we offer

    Delta Partners – if those are the guys from Dubai, which funded Virgin Mobile Central Europe and Eastern Europe VMCEE, which could be a great opportunity to offer Turbado services through a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Lebara?)

    BDMI Fund of Bertelsmann that invested already in similar companies, like Returbo, Frank and Oak or alaTest and Turbado would be a nice addition to their portfolio

    Paul Thiekotter of RI-Digital (Raffay) which have a nice portfolio of european e-commerce projects in Germany and Turbado could be the one that is in each EU country and helps their other project go international

    Allan Majotra of Silicon Valley Bank – I feel the connection with Allan through the love of art, where he created a marketplace for art, picassomio.com and his new work @ SVB could help us to get inventory financing, to have enough products on stock, to offer through Turbado in 6 countries.

    Ali Esfahani of Morgan Stanley – I find him to have a great track of companies he was involved with while their IPO or other exits, I believe he knows best who could invest into Turbado, similar investors that  stand behind Alibaba or Amazon or FB

    Philip Wilkinson, the creator of first price comparison website in UK (shopgenie) and merged into French Kelkoo – I feel his story is very similar to mine, and it could be a nice chat to have, to see what other falls and successes he had

    Highland Capital Partners – Mr. Mullen and Mrs Goldenberg, which are probably not coming to Dublin, but I see their portfolio is exactly what Turbado is. Glasses Direct and Spartoo… Turbado with mobile phones and electronics would nicely add to their great investments.

    Inundata of Shane Naughton – not many info there available online, but TaxStream and his experience of US companies doing business in Europe, taxation and other issues… could be a great chat with him

    Ophelia and Grace of Index Ventures – Grace I feel is close to our interests, with having a great history with Apple, and Apple is in our main focus, and they declare to be interested in eCommerce companies. Well, here we are, would be great to chat 🙂

    Bob van Nordvick of Amazon Web Services – well, are you interested in an early talk of selling Turbado to Amazon when we reach our goals? 28 countries, 1 million orders, 300+ million euros turnover and a nice little profit to it

    Michael Copeland of Andreesseen Horowitz – his focus grabbed my attention: Your company is about to launch. No one quite understands why you’re the next billion-dollar business. WOW, exactly what I feel now

    Turbado WebSummit 2014

    Turbado WebSummit 2014



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    Turbado | IFA Berlin 2014 

    Turbado was presenting its services at IFA Berlin 2014, September 5 to 10.  You can see our online profile on ifa-berlin.de

    It was a busy week, lots of meetings, lots of talking and lots of new contacts. We had a great location for our stand this year, at hall 7.2C next to Amazon stand. Our CEO, Bertalan Bognar counted that over 130 thousand people passed by our stand and about 3 out of 10 noticed it, 1 out of 10 remembered after 30 seconds they saw a “Buddha” recently.

    Turbado IFA 2014 stand

    Turbado IFA 2014 stand

    But the more important thing is, we got noticed. We had companies coming to IFA only to meet us, companies and people from France, Sweden and Greece, interested in opening a franchised business with our services and a lot of business people wanting to work with us to offer their products on our websites in each EU country.

    Companies’ reps that walked by and also those that had their stands with interesting products, they got our brochure TURBADO – The next BILLION euros business, creating some shatters in the background 🙂

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet outside

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet outside

    And probably some of them read the inside as well, because they came back to us later in person or by phone and email to ask for more info:

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet inside

    Turbado IFA 2014 leaflet inside

    So another successful exhibition is behind us and we must continue our work towards that billion euros target, to get us notices by potential buyers in the future (hint: Amazon.com, Mediamarkt, Expert).

    I would like to thank to Lucie Kockova, Wasilios Spanos, Maic Dannemann, Bertalan Bognar to represent us in person at IFA, without which I would be sitting there alone 😀  Thank you guys, it was great to drink beer with you after hours 😉 and we are all looking forward to the next get together.

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    Turbado | Shift Conference 2014 

    Last week, June 2 – June 6, 2014 our Team has been present at Shift Split 2014, a 5 days conference of inspiration, networking and awesomeness.

    Shift 2014 consists of three major parts: Shift Hackathon, Shift Challenge and Shift Conference.

    Hackaton: Compete for $ 10,000 prize fund and a unique opportunity to present your project in front of more than 1000 conference attendees and all the key people from the global startup scene! All three top teams will receive their awards on June 6, during the official awards ceremony at Shift Conference.

    Challenge: Once again, 32 top startups will compete for money prizes and media attention! The first round of pitching, preceded by intense one-on-one mentoring sessions, will take place on June 4 and if you’re chosen as one of 16 finalists you will have the opportunity to pitch at Shift Conference, on June 5 & 6. This year, all three winners get money prizes and the total prize fund is $ 15,000!

    Conference: With over a 1000 attendees and more than 30 international speakers, we will talk, discuss and explore what’s next to be disrupted in the startup world. Media representatives, investors and entrepreneurs with confirmed experience and recognition on the global startup scene will be there to share their visions and ideas with you and inspire creative discussions.

    and this is our team’s presentation at the Challenge and the Conference:

    Turbado team at Shift Split 2014

    Turbado team at Shift Split 2014

    Turbado team @ Shift Challenge 4.6.2014

    Turbado team @ Shift Challenge 4.6.2014

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    Turbado | A Turbado story of an average customer 

    A Turbado story told by an average customer:


    I go on Google and I look for the best price on iPhones.

    I select my favorite price comparison website and compare the prices of iPhones.

    I look at the lowest price, a shady offer. Second lowest, bad reputation, third lowest, Turbado.

    It says there that they will instantly replace my damaged iPhone under the 2-years warranty no-questions-asked. Free shipping, 30 days money back.

    Ok, that sounds like a good offer. So I click on it and go to Turbado.eu.

    They claim they will exchange my iPhone if I have any issues with it under the manufacturer’s warranty. I don’t need to wait for weeks to get my phone repaired, I just have it replaced. That’s new, I like it.

    So I go ahead and I order it. The payment method I choose is Paypal, more secure. Done.


    The following business day:

    The UPS just came by and I now have my new iPhone. Wow, great, free next day delivery.


    The following 2 days:

    For 2 days I don’t sleep, I play with my new phone and I love it. My friends love it, my 1 year old son loves it.


    2 months later:

    I am settled in – it seems as if I have always used an iPhone and I cannot imagine a day or my life without it.


    Another 2 months pass:

    I start experiencing some issues with my phone, it is restarting by itself occasionally, I will install the updates today.


    Afternoon that same day:

    My phone is rebooting more often now, so I install the latest iOS. After 30 minutes, after the installation starts, the phone restarts. And restarts again. And again. And again. Oh shit, I try to turn it off, nothing happens, it keeps rebooting. I put it back on the charger, now it finally boots up and works. But anytime I take it off the charger, in an hour it starts rebooting again, until I put it back on the charger. I need my phone for serious work, I cannot work like this!

    I call Apple, report my problem and they send UPS to pick up my phone. They provide a box for shipment.


    One week later

    Apple calls me and tells me that the phone is damaged and the repair will cost 220 euro, as it is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. WHAAAAT? I paid big money, have a 2-year warranty and I want to have it repaired under warranty! Apple rep suggests I return it to where I purchased it. AHHHA! I remember, they promised an instant warranty replacement. I call them immediately: Hello, Turbado? I have purchased an iPhone several months ago and it just doesn’t work. What is the problem? Well, it keeps rebooting when off the charger. Yes, my name is… Yes, iPhone 5s, gold, 16gb. So I’m going to receive a new phone tomorrow? Really? Ok, I understand, you must charge a deposit for the second phone and I must return the old one in 10 days, otherwise I will be charged for it as if I bought a new phone. Great, send it to me!


    Next business day:

    UPS arrives, I get a new iPhone and I hand over my damaged one. Nice! It is new and works great. Hm, I guess this Turbado company really does what they said they would. I will keep it in mind the next time I want to buy something, I’ll just check out if they carry it too.


    The following business day:

    I just received an email from Turbado, saying they tested the damaged phone, it seems the battery needs to be replaced. They accept my return and will send the second deposit back. Great, I knew my phone was really faulty and I didn’t do any damage to it, I just used it normally.


    A year later:

    Today Apple announced they are releasing a new iPhone. It looks great, but mine is still working well and it’s under the Turbado warranty, so I am satisfied with the old model.


    A few days later:

    I just received a message from Turbado today, they would like to buy my current iPhone and give me a new one, I only have to pay the difference and get a brand new 2-year instant replacement warranty with the latest iPhone. That is an offer I cannot refuse. OF COURSE, I WANT THE NEW IPHONE, give it to me now!


    The following business day:

    UPS came by, I got my new iPhone, the latest and greatest! And I returned my old one, bye! What a great deal! I can’t express my gratitude towards Turbado and their services, and I love my iPhones even more now! Oh, and I received a nice email from Turbado too. It features a really nice painting from Franz Josef and Turbado tells me about this new feature of the latest iPhone I didn’t know about. Thank you again Turbado, for great deals, terrific customer service, impossible to refuse upgrades, and all those small touches you do for your customers. I have shared my experience with my family and friends, I proudly tell them I am with Turbado and I celebrate the things Turbado does. Turbado gives back to us and the society. I love their contributions to culture, history, nature and children through their programs, I love their retail stores with those super-sized detailed paintings. And I love them for the transparent operation, and I would love to work in a company with a culture such as Turbado’s. As long as Turbado will be around with their solutions, I will not need to look any further with my electronics’ needs. I want to have all my electronics managed by Turbado Solutions! And sorry for being emotional. But I just can’t express how much I appreciate Turbado in my life.


    One week later:

    My two-year old son took my new iPhone, dropped it in the kitchen and I stepped on it. The screen simply broke. Well, let me call Turbado and see what they can do for me. Hi Turbado, the screen of my new iPhone just broke, I stepped on it by accident. What can you do with it? Really? You can replace it with a new phone, I’ll just pay for the repair, but get a new phone? Wow again! So send me the new phone tomorrow, my credit card details are…


    The following business day:

    UPS stopped by, I have my new phone and I returned the broken one. Did I say those pickups and returns and deliveries are always free? A nice touch! I just found out, that I can buy an extended coverage plan with Turbado, in which absolutely all damages to my device are covered.


    Two years later:

    I am a happy customer of Turbado’s, I now have my 60″ Samsung LED TV, my GoPro Hero camera, an iPad and iPad mini, my iPhone and my wife’s iPhone from them. And I am very happy with my two-year old iPhone. I ordered it with the extended coverage plan and I never broke my phone, so Turbado emailed me today, that I am eligible to get full money back on the extended warranty as a store credit! So actually the extended warranty didn’t cost me anything at the end of the day! WOW again for the Turbado Superior Solutions. Since I am out of the 2 years warranty now, they made me an offer to buy an eternal all inclusive warranty with yearly or monthly payments, where I pay as long as I want it, they repair or replace any damages, and if I choose at any point in the future, not to have the eternal warranty anymore, I get all my money back as a store credit. Now that’s an interesting offer, I love it and I’m gonna make use of it! Maybe I will give my 2-year old phone to my mother-in-law, so we can stay in touch and if anything happens to her phone, I will just have her call up Turbado and they will solve all her problems, as they are solving mine.

    I can’t recommend them enough, all my family, friends and coworkers use Turbado now and we are letting Turbado know what other electronics we will be purchasing shortly, so they can include them in their offers. I love the idea, to be able to keep some stuff as long as I want them. Anytime they break, Turbado gets them fixed or replaced and if I feel like having them upgraded to a newer model, I can do that anytime. And it’s really easy. The good part of Turbado is, that they offer only the best quality electronics, so I don’t need to look up which manufacturer is the best for my mom’s fridge, I just order it from Turbado and I don’t need to worry about it anymore. They remind me of any substantial changes in the life of my electronics, interesting upgrades, expiring warranties, and I know I have the best things at home. Great products, great service, great people behind it and a great company that really changed my life and the way I look at my electronics. I used to buy products, now I buy the benefits they give me. And Turbado gives me those benefits and takes away all the problems I used to have and I don’t have to have anymore. I wish they had such solutions for wives and girlfriends: I could exchange them anytime I felt like it, if I loved them, I could keep them for a life long, if they broke at any point, Turbado would just repair them or replace them for the same or closest model they had, and I would get updates on how to get the most out of them during their lifetime. Wow, that would be awesome. I guess I should start my own company with wives and girlfriends and learn all the tricks from Turbado. They really nailed it!


    PS: I had a great set of JBL speakers from them, that got damaged during transport when I was moving and because Turbado discontinued that line of speakers and couldn’t repair, nor replace them, I got my full money back for the speakers, including the extended insurance I had paid for one and a half years. And I was sad I had to buy them elsewhere and don’t get that Turbado experience. I hope Turbado comes up with some kind of a plan, so I can buy my electronics anywhere, and get them under the Turbado roof with all the benefits Turbado offers. That really would be the ultimate solution to everything and for everyone.

    • turbado_HU 08:15 on April 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      good illustration. it provides a complex insight into our system.
      but, we should reformulate this: ” they would like to buy my current iPhone and give me a new one” (we only change the product)

      • sd@turbado 08:45 on April 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        this part is about the buyback program we offer. where actually the customer gets money back for his old device and get a contract for a new device, but only pays the difference. From the point of accounting it is backwards, but this story is how the customer sees it and experiences it. Our job is to make all that is necessary behind the scenes. The best services are the ones you don’t even know about until you realize you have a problem and they solve your problem and become invisible again. Just like a great insurance company (do you know of any?). They should cover you all the time and in any case, be easy to reach and communicate, but don’t disturb you when you don’t need them.

    • turbadosk 10:38 on April 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Nice and very enthusiastic. Is it going to be transferred to video or audio? How many seconds it will play for? Could we make it a bit shorter?

      • sd@turbado 10:45 on April 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I will hand it over to a native copywriter, to make it into a shorter story, maybe several short stories with a spin. then we could make a short video (max 1:30 minutes) and a longer video, max 3 minutes. about the videos we will see. and later we will ask for testimonials from our customers.
        and of course translated to other languages as well 🙂

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    Turbado @ Future Match 2014 

    Turbado has been part of Future Match 2014 at CeBIT, March 10-14, 2014 in Hanover, Germany

    Future Match is A brokerage event, a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. Participants meet from 10th to 14th March 2014 (9:30 – 18:00) at Future Match stand (hall 9, booth C40) for pre-arranged bilateral meetings. 25 minutes are usually enough to build connections. Then the bell rings and after a 5 minute break the next meeting starts. It is organized by Enterprise Europe Network.

    Our Future Match information and profile page.

    We have met many interesting companies (PDF, 156KB)

    future match 2014

    • szabodenes77 22:18 on March 27, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I had similar experience with a referral organization: BNI. But those meetings were overcomplicated and long events.
      This sounds much better..
      Did you talk with Levente Bartha (Netlife, Hungary)?

      • sd@turbado 22:35 on March 27, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        yes, I have met with Levente Bartha from Netlife and we agreed to give his BeeCRM a try with our B2B CRM needs. I must contact him. Do you know him or his company?

        • szabodenes77 08:14 on March 28, 2014 Permalink

          No. I’ve just seen his name on the list, and I became curious about their company. 🙂

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    Turbado @ CEBIT 2014 

    Turbado has been present at CEBIT 2014, from 10 to 14 March 2014 in Hannover, Germany.

    This was our official CEBIT presentation page as an exhibitor.

    Our booth was located at hall 14, Planet reseller, J52/57

    Turbado @ CEBIT 2014

    Turbado @ CEBIT 2014

    CEBIT was a real success for the Turbado team and we would like to thank a lot to Cristina Moreira from GLOBAL FAIRS TT-MESSE for all she has done to make our exhibition to look better.

    And a special thanks to Stephen Rafferty and Ed Elliot from IPT.CC that we could be a part of the IPT marketplace this year.

    And a big thanks, for their hard work, to my colleagues: Lucie Czernerova, Piroska Marot, Janos Nemeth and Krisztina Tiboldi from TVPartner

    • szabodenes77 08:50 on March 27, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply


      • sd@turbado 12:57 on March 27, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        yes, it really was nice to be there and explain others what we do and get their feedback. I met with many companies in person and I had only a few short moments to describe our company, the best and easiest way was to tell it like this:

        Turbado is like any internet shop you like = we have competitive prices, ready stock, quick shipping and good customer care. you pay once for your item and you will never pay more, only get money back when you return your item.

        When you buy from turbado, you can do the same things with your item as if you have bought it elsewhere = sell it, give it away, use it as long as you want it, loose it…

        What Turbado is different is when you have a problem with your device, we exchange it 1to1, you don’t need to wait 1 week or 1 month to get your item repaired, but you get a new working unit immediately and continue using it. And you always get partial money back when you return your used phone, anytime.

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