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    Turbado | From customer discovery to Customer validation 

    After spending over a year working on Turbado with our team of 30+ people, and burning almost 800 000 euros cash, I feel it is the time to come to market.

    From customer discovery stage, where we found a problem worth solving, tested it through customer interviews and landing pages, we developed a solution through customers. The question then becomes can we execute on a solution to these problems and get customers to pay us.

    Turbado enters the Valley of Death, aka Customer validation stage.

    The objective of this stage is to build something people will want and validate our innovative business model. This is the hardest and most uncertain stage, where we must find the right ways to showcase our solutions, to make our business repeatable and scalable. In turbado.sk we found out we need first to build up a customer base and trust, only then we can count the orders and scale our business, only then we can offer the ultimate solutions Turbado is about. And trust comes with time, stability, fulfilled expectations and over-delivering on promises.

    So after many thoughts, we make a first significant iteration to Turbado: Split our offer from one ultimate solution to a base offering that is good enough and costs less and a premium service that is excellent, but costs extra. Customers were asking for this in two ways: those would could pay for it said it is too good to be true and those who didn’t care about any extras, just wanted a lower price.

    So Turbado now competes on new fronts: a new for us are the price conscious buyers (account for over 40% of the market), then our preferred technology geeks that tend to upgrade their electronics very often (around 15% of the market) and buyers that look for best price-value ratio (around 30%). These in total now give us a target group of over 85% of the internet market and we will see where the customers will steer our company. We will follow them where they want us to go.

    We will start offering the lowest prices on the local markets, giving only the minimum expected services to our customers, but at the same time introduce them what Turbado really is and how they can become a part of it.

    We launch in August 2014 with this new iteration in Hungary, Slovakia and Spain. Shortly adding Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Austria.  Let’s give those first new customers some Turbado experience. Let’s amaze them with our Superior Unexpected Customer Service. Welcome to the Valley of Death:

    turbado at the valley of death

    turbado at the valley of death

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    Turbado | Second SMS campaign in Slovakia: Not as desired 

    For the last two days around 25000 iPhone owners in Slovakia received an SMS with the text: We exchange your iPhone for a new 5S at http://turbado.sk/sms. Or we give you an iPhone charger for free. [Vyhodne vymenime Vas iPhone za novy 5S na http://turbado.sk/sms. Alebo Vam darujeme nabijacku na iPhone zadarmo]

    in total 4458 users (5104 sessions) arrived to our website and viewed 26717 pages, compared to 3708 users (4533 sessions) and 10637 pageviews from the first SMS campaign. So definitely we had a greater impact and interest with the second campaign than with the first one.

    After the user arrived to our webpage [http://turbado.sk/sms], he got redirected to http://turbado.sk/#vymena where he could click on the current iPhone he has or click that he has no iPhone and then it showed the price he has to pay to exchange his current iPhone to a new iPhone 5S 16GB with Turbado Services. These are the prices the user would have to pay if his current iPhone is in good working and aesthetic condition:

    iPhone 3G/3GS – 559eur

    iPhone 4 – 489eur

    iPhone 4S – 429eur

    iPhone 5/5C – 309eur

    and the user was given a possibility to see in a PDF the full checklist what it means good working and aesthetic condition: PDF in Slovak

    and also he was told that if any part of his iPhone is damaged, then the repair cost  would be calculated based on the price list of our service partner PCexpres.sk

    If he agreed with our offer, then in the next step he chose how he wants to realize the exchange:

    1) We send him first the new iPhone, he pays the full price for it, then UPS picks up his old iPhone, we inspect it and send him money back

    2) First we pickup his old iPhone, inspect it and send him the new iPhone and he pays only the balance

    3) He brings his old iPhone to PCexpres stand in shopping malls in Bratislava or Kosice, where they inspect his old iPhone and for the balance payment he gets the new iPhone 5S right there.


    And the results: we gave out 308 iPhone chargers for newly registered users and we rented out one iPhone 5S for the full price (no exchange).


    Conclusion: we interviewed several visitors and customers that called us, emailed us and came to visit us at PCexpres stand in Aupark Bratislava and OC Optima Kosice and most of them said they are waiting for the new iPhone in September or they are satisfied with their current iPhone and don’t have the need to upgrade, or they wanted to pay a much lower amount for the upgrade. Only a few of them were concerned that we are a new company and they need more time to get to know us and get confident in our business.

    I would like to thank this way to all participants, to our customers, and especially to my colleagues who invested their time, brains, and voice into this campaign: Andrej Vargecko, Lucie Kockova and Matej Kontros. thanks again.


    Swap with Turbado anytime

    Swap with Turbado anytime

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    Turbado | Our first Turbado swap ANYTIME for New Model 

    Turbado.sk in Slovakia, after its first SMS campaign has received a lot of interest, emails, phone calls, chat on Facebook and even visits to our shop in Presov, Slovakia.

    By far the most interesting feature, in the eyes of the first time visitors, is the SWAP ANYTIME FOR NEW MODEL, where we take their old iPhone and for a fee provide a new iPhone.

    So with Andrej we decided to focus our attention on that service and make it more refined and appealing for customers.

    What we did, was contact a few companies in Europe that deal with iPhone returns, a few companies that buy back iPhones in Slovakia and also we checked a few suppliers from USA and Asia, that provide A grade refurbished iPhones, and also looked at ebay.de at the current prices at which iPhones are sold.

    Based on all those information, we created a basic guideline what price to offer to the customers to buy their old iPhone and exchanging it for a new iPhone:

    1) check the price of A grade refurbished iPhone in USA (they have good quality, good quantity and good prices); convert the price to EUR (and subtract 10% for currency fluctuation)

    2) if the phone has any damage or faults, check our repair partner’s website for the costs, apply the 30% discount we have and subtract these repair costs from the base price of A grade refurbish phone

    3) send this price and calculations (we want to be transparent) to the customer and explain him how we got this price

    4) if the customer accepts the offer, we invite him to send the phone for inspection to us (we provide free pickup and delivery), or bring it in person to one of our service locations provided by PCExpres, where he can pay the difference and pickup his new iPhone with all the Turbado services we provide.

    5) the customer is reminded to turn off Find My iPhone in iOS7 and later

    6) after the phone is repaired and cleaned by PCExpres, we add new accessories to the phone and sell it to other companies that specialize in second hand electronics. And we will also launch a trial to sell these phones in PCExpres retail locations, so we can offer Turbado services to more customers, even on older models of phones.

    Here is the first iPhone 5 we bought back and upgraded to iPhone 5S to the customer, who walked in to our store in Presov, Slovakia:

    Turbado swap of iPhone 5

    Turbado swap of iPhone 5


    And these are the new accessories we changed, as the earphones were brand new, never used:

    Turbado iPhone charger and cable

    Turbado iPhone charger and cable


    And we hope to have many satisfied customers, that will change their older phones for new ones with us. Thank you

    • turbado_HU 13:45 on July 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Nice. What was the price difference between the old 5 and the new 5s?

      • sd@turbado 19:36 on July 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Customer paid almost 400eur for the upgrade to a new iPhone 5S, he had there malfunctioning front camera and the lock button not working + a bogger damage from the side of the phone.

        • turbado_HU 10:36 on July 13, 2014 Permalink

          I think, all of us would need a chart/xls where all of the product types (4, 4s, 5 etc), ages (in month) and the kinds of error are marked up and priced. (with this an approx. offer can be done for the interested ones…) What do you think?

        • sd@turbado 08:27 on July 14, 2014 Permalink

          yes, we are working on that right now, to find the best formula and balance, so we don’t lose money on it, and the customer gets an offer that he/she is willing to take

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    Turbado | SMS campaign in Slovakia for Turbado.sk 

    Two days ago, 24.6.2014 we launched an SMS campaign in Slovakia, which goal was to engage current iPhone owners via SMS (text message), to come to our website, register and get to know what is Turbado.

    We targeted current iPhone owners, that agreed to receive commercial SMS from the local mobile operators. The SMS we came up with, read in Slovak:

    Nic nie je zadarmo? Darujeme iPhone nabijacku zdarma kazdemu. Iba tu a teraz: http://turbado.sk/sms


    Nothing is for free? We give away iPhone chargers to everyone. Only here and now: http://turbado.sk/sms

    When the customer clicked on the link, it took him to our page, where he entered his data: First name and last name, Address, postal code, city, phone number, email address and the model of iOS device he owns currently (drop down menu: iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod, iPad). After the order received, we shipped out the same day or next business day a free charger with Turbado logo and a brochure to introduce our company.

    The customer could share this free charger give away on social media, where the customers coming from social media, were taken to the page http://turbado.sk/fb and to verify they have an iPhone, we also asked them to submit their IMEI number, as with this campaign, we wanted to have a database of current iPhone owners, so we can engage them with iPhone targeted offers (update your current iPhone to the iPhone 5s; pre-order an iPhone 6, etc.)

    The results we got from the SMS campaign:

    In total over 25000 SMS were sent out, first day 13000 and second day 12000 of which 3555 unique visitors came to our website and 807 of them registered on our website and we shipped out 796 chargers. in % it is over 14% click-through rate and 3.2% conversion rate from total SMS or 22.7% conversion from visitors.

    My thoughts:

    SMS is a tool, that gets out your offer to a target group of users and has a high number of views, as most of the people first read the message, then deletes/ignores it, or acts on it. When we were making our predictions, we expected a 40% click through rate and above 15% conversion rate from those who came to our website. So in one number we were disappointed, the click through rate instead of 40% was only 14%. The conversion rate was slightly higher than expected. The registration window will be open for another 2 days, so these numbers should grow a bit, but not significantly.

    And here are some pictures from the campaign:

    1) this was the picture used to share on Facebook and Google+

    Turbado.sk SMS campaign FB picture

    Turbado.sk SMS campaign FB picture

    2) Our colleague Janka sticking those labels to those almost 800 envelopes with our brochure and a free charger.

    Turbado.sk labeling of envelopes with a free charger

    Turbado.sk labeling of envelopes with a free charger

    3) Turbado.sk’s office in Presov, Slovakia, is proud to present a hand painted replica of Pablo Picasso’s Las Meninas, which I saw with Andrej Vargecko (manager of Turbado.sk) in Barcelona and we both liked it so much, that we had to have it painted for us and look at it while at the office.

    Turbado.sk Picasso Las Meninas and iPhone charger

    Turbado.sk Picasso Las Meninas and iPhone charger

    4) And this is what the customers get: Turbado labeled USB charger, with IC protection, each charger tested manually in China up to 3000 Volts and each charger passing the test. High quality product, with output 5V and 1A (+-1%), it is the kind of a product you can use for many years to come = Turbado quality in action, with next business day exchange if it fails you. Even if you got it free, we stand by it with our Turbado warranty.

    Turbado charger

    Turbado charger

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    Turbado | Shift Conference 2014 

    Last week, June 2 – June 6, 2014 our Team has been present at Shift Split 2014, a 5 days conference of inspiration, networking and awesomeness.

    Shift 2014 consists of three major parts: Shift Hackathon, Shift Challenge and Shift Conference.

    Hackaton: Compete for $ 10,000 prize fund and a unique opportunity to present your project in front of more than 1000 conference attendees and all the key people from the global startup scene! All three top teams will receive their awards on June 6, during the official awards ceremony at Shift Conference.

    Challenge: Once again, 32 top startups will compete for money prizes and media attention! The first round of pitching, preceded by intense one-on-one mentoring sessions, will take place on June 4 and if you’re chosen as one of 16 finalists you will have the opportunity to pitch at Shift Conference, on June 5 & 6. This year, all three winners get money prizes and the total prize fund is $ 15,000!

    Conference: With over a 1000 attendees and more than 30 international speakers, we will talk, discuss and explore what’s next to be disrupted in the startup world. Media representatives, investors and entrepreneurs with confirmed experience and recognition on the global startup scene will be there to share their visions and ideas with you and inspire creative discussions.

    and this is our team’s presentation at the Challenge and the Conference:

    Turbado team at Shift Split 2014

    Turbado team at Shift Split 2014

    Turbado team @ Shift Challenge 4.6.2014

    Turbado team @ Shift Challenge 4.6.2014

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    Turbado | Positions opened at Turbado NL, BE 

    We love talented and enthusiastic persons. Please get in touch with us if you feel you would be a great addition to our team in any country, in any place.

    We seek great colleagues mainly for these positions:

    On behalf of our international partner, Turbado SE, who is a dramatically growing e-commerce operator in the field of consumer electronics already present with subsidiaries in Spain, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary, currently opening in Austria and Germany and further expanding its operations in the rest of the EU, we are looking for a talented manager to build up and coordinate our nationwide operations in the Netherlands as a

    Country Webshop Manager in Netherlands


    • Represent the local subsidiary of the international parent company
    • Manage the daily operation of the webshop
    • Control all processes related to webshop operation and customer service
    • Make sure the service quality meets defined standards
    • Establish, develop, motivate and control webshop team
    • Meet sales targets
    • Communicate with customers
    • Report to higher management at international level


    • Degree in economics, commerce, marketing or related
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Dutch
    • Experience with local administrative system
    • Local residence
    • Customer oriented attitude
    • Entrepreneurial thinking
    • Precise personality, attention to detail
    • Good organization skills
    • Good problem solving skills
    • Quality conscious thinking
    • High level computer user skills
    • Good understanding of the internet and online communications
    • Minimum 2 years of experience and proven success in people management
    • Webshop management experience desired

    What we offer:

    • Opportunity to grow with the company
    • Opportunity to work in an international environment
    • Permanent contract
    • Basic salary + performance based bonuses

    How to apply:

    If you want to apply, please send your resume and motivation letter in English to hr@turbado.nl


    Country Webshop Manager in Belgium


    • Represent the local subsidiary of the international parent company
    • Manage the daily operation of the webshop
    • Control all processes related to webshop operation and customer service
    • Make sure the service quality meets defined standards
    • Establish, develop, motivate and control webshop team
    • Meet sales targets
    • Communicate with customers
    • Report to higher management at international level


    • Degree in economics, commerce, marketing or related
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Flemish
    • Experience with local administrative system
    • Local residence
    • Customer oriented attitude
    • Entrepreneurial thinking
    • Precise personality, attention to detail
    • Good organization skills
    • Good problem solving skills
    • Quality conscious thinking
    • High level computer user skills
    • Good understanding of the internet and online communications
    • Minimum 2 years of experience and proven success in people management
    • Webshop management experience desired

    What we offer:

    • Opportunity to grow with the company
    • Opportunity to work in an international environment
    • Permanent contract
    • Basic salary + performance based bonuses

    How to apply:

    If you want to apply, please send your resume and motivation letter in English to hr@turbado.be


    Turbado loves Netherlands

    Turbado loves Netherlands

    Turbado loves Belgium

    Turbado loves Belgium

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    Turbado | The Art of Customer Satisfaction 

    Yesterday, May 28th, 2014 me and Matej have attended a Conference in London, called The Art of Customer Satisfaction, organized by Zendesk.

    We received a nice intro by Mikkel Svane, Zendesk CEO (a fresh IPO company on the NYSE, congrats there!) to tell us the basics of understanding our relationship with customers:

    1) Don’t overestimate your importance in the customer’s life (we are only a tiny bit in the customer’s whole life, and not an important one 😉

    2) Consider the entire customer experience (all the touch points the customer has with our company are important, during the whole cycle, from birth to death)

    3) Recognize the right relationship and adapt (as in real life, you have different relationships with different people, the same is true with our customers, everyone is different, accept it)

    4) Be something actual humans can relate to (put a face and name to our brand, don’t be just a page on the internet, show the customer we are human and we live and work)

    5) Be transparent (show and say everything you know, to all customers and interested parties. There isn’t really anything to hide, we are transparent and want to stay transparent)

    6) Empower your people to do what’s best (our customer support agents must understand what’s best for the customer and it is the best for the company. And we must give the trust and tools for our people to satisfy our customers)

    7) Put a face to your customer (when dealing with many calls, emails, tickets … we tend to forget that our customers are real people. If we put a face to the customer, we are reminded at each step, that we do it for that person)

    thank you Mikkel, it is a very nice summary!

    Next on stage was, among others, also Mrs. Jacqueline de Rojas, a very energetic woman, responsible for digital activities and direction of whole Home Retail Group PLC, with and army of over 40000 customer satisfaction agents. 8-o

    And one of the many interesting things we learned from her was that to achieve satisfaction on customer service performance, it is important to have:

    • friendliness of representative, how much you like to help others
    • speed of response, how quickly your call for help is answered
    •  speed of resolution, how quickly your issue is resolved

    and she recommended a book called Global Tilt by Ram Charan

    and many other interesting subjects came up:








    I wanted to meet, but didn’t find him after the conference, Mr. Mike Cartwight from Expedia EAN, I wanted to ask him about the affiliate network he built at Expedia, it is an interesting subject, that we at Turbado could grow in, to offer Turbado Solutions to affiliates, other companies all over EU and have a positive impact on the whole market and economy.


    Turbado - The Art of Customer Satisfaction

    Turbado – The Art of Customer Satisfaction


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    Turbado | Frustrated about spending money on electronics? 

    Frustrated about spending money on electronic gizmos and gadgets only to have them break down or stop working? Perhaps you’re simply fed up with buying technology products only to find yourself with no use for these products a short distance down the road. Whatever is ailing you as the source of your woes over wasting money by making permanent purchases on things you don’t necessarily need forever, fear not because a solution exists. This solution is not a traditional one, but rather an innovative display of creativity. Turbado offers a unique rental experience to help safeguard our customers against the classic pitfalls associated with traditional methods of retail. By renting your electronic devices from us, peace of mind is available for all. Next day delivery ensures that products are provided promptly with swift rapidity and users are not forced to wait excessively for the quality products they demand. Swaps can be made within 24 hours to replace items with the same or similar models to best meet the needs of any given situation. Furthermore, products are insured by a 30 day money-back guarantee in the event that complete satisfaction might not be obtained for any reason, during which a free trial period further ensures customers can feel confident with their rentals. Long term rentals are easier than ever with Turbado because products can be ordered with ease by phone, in person, or online. Deposits are made up front for products, at reasonable and competitive rates, while rental fees are astonishingly affordable. In total you never pay more than if you have bought the product elsewhere.  The ease with which customers can secure reliable products for their personal use is what sets Turbado apart from others. There is no need to waste money elsewhere when you can rent from us with the utmost shopping security and buying confidence. Pre-defined price levels cement life-long buy-back guarantees so that you never have to get stuck with an item for which you have no use again. When a product stops serving its purpose for you, sell it back to us for an agreed upon value and feel confident that you haven’t wasted money on some chunk of technology, only to have that item become obsolete and end up collecting dust in some closet or dresser drawer. Turbado takes all of the risk out of purchasing products by offering innovation through uniquely structured rental programs aimed to ease the customer into an enveloping embrace of utter satisfaction.


    Relax with Turbado

    Relax with Turbado

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    TVPartner | Today I bought 1000 pieces of iPhone 

    1000x iPhone 5s @ turbado

    1000x iPhone 5s turbado

    Business as usual at TVPartner.eu [our B2B trading company that is also supplying 99% of all goods sold at Turbado], we bought and sold 1000 pieces of Apple iPhone 5s on Friday.

    Suppliers try to push the prices up, buyers try to push the prices down, and between them is the small profit margin our trading company makes.

    We are happy about it, we make money and keep good relationship with many reliable buyers,  sellers and traders.

    TVPartner business, thanks to our colleagues Janos and Krisztina, is a pleasure to be a part of it.


    Turbado will be shortly starting to offer these iPhones in 5 countries and I would like to compare the online retail prices as of today in those 5 countries: Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Most of the price conscious buyers go and look for the best deals on price comparison websites:

    Slovakia: heureka.sk | VAT 20% | net price 440.42eur |

    Czech Republic: heureka.cz | VAT 21% | net price 11644.63czk = 424.07eur |

    Hungary: argep.hu | VAT 27% | net price 130622.05huf = 424.40eur |

    Poland: ceneo.pl | VAT 23% | net price 1906.51pln = 454.73eur |

    Spain: shopmania.es | VAT 21% | net price 463.00eur |


    For wholesalers [selling from their warehouse] the golden rule is to have profits above 3%. Traders [selling other’s stocks] can work with much lower profits, sometimes as low as 1%.

    So for a wholesaler to be profitable, he needs to buy in Poland below 440eur, in Hungary below 412eur and in Spain below 449.50eur and if the trader wants to get done any trades, he must have a purchase price below those prices. So the ideal business would be to buy in CZ and HU and sell in Spain and Poland.


    But the problem is, you won’t find anyone who will sell you even 2 pieces of iPhone at those price levels. All those lowest prices on the internet are not real. Those are all goods with incorrect prices, out of stock, second hand, operator locked, under contract, or have other handicaps. Those are not products you can build your company on, or base your customer’s trust on. The real thing sells in retail above 500 eur net. Check your closest operator shop, like Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and ask them for a quote on a new original unit without contract or operator logo. You can subtract the VAT and about 15% profit margin and get the wholesale price.

    Well, we at Turbado, we only give you 100% original product, you won’t find from us any handicapped units. We would love to offer our customers those low prices, but it would compromise our business operation and we want to be here for you for long time. So we want to give you the best value for your money. Free shipping to you and from you, brand new models, and best add-on services. Guaranteed. If you want to learn more about all the services we offe, check out my previous post: What is Turbado. Or read our average customer’s story to understand us even better.

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    Turbado | Redcoon vs Turbado 

    Redcoon vs Turbado

    Redcoon vs Turbado

    Redcoon was established in 2003 by Mr. Reiner Heckel | Turbado was established in 2014 by Mr. Stefan Durina

    Media-Saturn sees Redcoon as: Online sales only, targeted at price conscious buyers of electronics with no added value expectation | Turbado sees itself as Retail seller both online and later offline, targeted at price conscious buyers of electronics with expectation of long life high value add-on services

    redcoon is present in 10 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal: | turbado will be present in each 28 EU countries

    redcoon history:
    2003: Germany /  redcoon.de 
    2003: Spain /  redcoon.es 
    2003: Austria /  redcoon.at 
    2004: Portugal /  redcoon.pt 
    2005: Netherlands /  redcoon.nl 
    2006: Belgium /  redcoon.be  
    2008: Poland /  redcoon.pl 
    2008: Italy /  redcoon.it 
    2009: Denmark /  redcoon.dk 
    2010: France /  redcoon.fr

    turbado future: May 2014: Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
    second half of 2014: France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy

    Redcoon Revenues for the fiscal year 2007/2008 at 138 million euros, in the fiscal year 2009/2010 at 354 million euros. turnover of redcoon in 2011 was expected 405M eur and reach 600 employees and it had a total loss of 2M eur in 2011 | Turbado is expected to be profitable from the beginning and reach 1 million orders a year in 2016/2017

    in 2013 Redcoon had 432M turnover and 650employees, no number on the profit/loss, but based on previous years, having same turnover and more employees, strongly suggests for a loss. [please leave a comment if you have more info] | Turbado launches in 2014 with 31 employees and expects to serve 100k customers in its first year in 12 countries

    Redcoon has 260k visitors a day, 180k products sold a month = 2.16M products a year — Redcoon is not considered exactly as a huge player – especially when compared to the physical locations of Media Markt and Saturn | Turbado has no visitors today, but expects to reach in one year 5M visitors in 12countries and 100k products sold that year — Turbado is still a disruptive concept we develop continually

    Redcoon’s reason why their turnover didn’t grow those years (2012 and 2013 over 2011) is, that redcoon was one of the biggest buyers on the gray market all over EU and when media-saturn bought them, they couldn’t continue buying on the gray market anymore, but had to buy from official distributors and partners — Redcoon was grown with shopping on the gray market in mind – a practice which the online retailer was not able to continue as Media-Saturn-daughter. | Turbado has strong sourcing background and offers a new business method. Apple would stamp us as Apple Authorized Service Provider and we want to be part of that Program if it gives our customers a clear advantage, like early access to the new iPhone

    Redcoon’s current numbers:
    5.5M customers in EU
    300000 products shipped a month
    650 employees in 10countries
    one warehouse in Germany with 53000m2
    260k visitors a day
    Turbado’s current numbers:
    0 customers
    0 products shipped a month
    31 employees in 6 countries
    3 warehouses in Europe with 2500m2
    20 visitors a day (mostly our collegues 🙂

    and this is the beginning of Turbado

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