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  • Stefan Durina 10:13 on October 14, 2014 Permalink |
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    Turbado | We need your help! 

    Turbado is a network of internet shops in each EU country, based on an innovative business model, where you don’t buy your electronics, but use them as yours as long as you want it and we take care it will just work as intended.

    Since the first idea of creating Turbado, registering its trademark, developing and verifying its viability, changing what had to be changed, finding local managers in several EU countries, opening local companies, offices, finding local tax advisers, lawyers, accountants and throwing money at them to verify our business model works in each EU country, developing our websites, redesigning them for mobile devices, making them more user friendly, secure and easy to order, implemented every local payment and delivery method, implementing the different local legislatures, requirements, languages, translations and different expectations of the local markets, getting us registered to local catalogs, price comparison websites, building back-links, writing and publishing PR articles, further developing advanced functionality of our web-shops, opening our network of warehouses, finding and training the good people to work with, solving local and international logistics, developing a warehouse connector to every our web-shop, daily updating of our prices based on the market situation, talking and meeting with suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, payment processors, credit insurance companies, inventory financing companies, banks, potential investors, and many other tasks that are necessary for running a business,

    we arrived at the stage, where we need external help with financing our inventory, financing our growth into new countries and financing of the initial marketing expenses.

    Until now, we were able to self finance our entire operation, investing over one million euros into the pre-launch stages and arriving to a point, where we are operational in


    We have 42 staff members that support our company, we have 4 warehouses that are able to fulfill the daily orders and delivery the orders to the customer next business day, we are getting orders every day from each country and we are fulfilling them with over 98% customer satisfaction. And even customers that were not satisfied for whichever reason, get a small gift from us as an apology for not meeting his or her expectations and we learn and advance by solving every large and small problem on the way.

    Turbado was self financed by the money we made in the previous years in TVPartner, a B2B trading company, which is now out of money for 3 reasons:

    1) Most of our focus was on building our B2C platforms, where we invested our time and money (1M euros)

    2) Tax office in Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic, from where we were exporting the goods we sold, owe us over 3M euros on VAT held back, having open some tax controls for over a year, as trading with mobile phones is apparently a high risk business, and they are checking every inch of our companies and those of our suppliers and of our customers. We just don’t know when will our money be paid back to us.

    3) We don’t have enough stock in our 4 warehouses, as we don’t have means to finance them (point 1 and 2) and this way we are getting way less orders in the 6 countries than what we would with sufficient inventory.



    We need:

    1) inventory financing – this is the most crucial for us at the moment, to have enough stock in the 4 warehouses. ESTIMATED 1 million euros is needed in 2014 and 3 million euros in 2015

    2) marketing financing – we need to acquire customers by giving first and receiving later. ESTIMATED 1 million euros is needed to acquire 200k customers, iPhone owners, that will want to upgrade their iPhone to a new one through us

    3) growth financing – we want to open 6-8 new countries every year. ESTIMATED 100 thousand euros per country is needed for the pre-launch stage and another 100 thousand euros per country for the initial marketing expenses

    4) trade financing – this is to get back into B2B as we made 2 million euros profit in the previous 1.5 years, which we invested into our B2C operation and the tax office holds back our money. ESTIMATED 1 million euros is needed to resume our trading business and continue building on the established relationships and experience

    TURBADO investors wanted

    TURBADO investors wanted

    What we give:

    a) Turbado aims to fulfill one million orders a year with a turnover around 350 million euros and profits over 20 million euros (thanks to our innovative business model of long term rental)

    b) TVPartner aims to resume trading, supplying web-shops and achieve over 1M euros profit @ 50M euros turnover in 2015

    c) collateral of over 3M euros which the tax office owes us, secured stock inventory in our warehouses, warehouse building of 1000 m2 in Slovakia that is our property, worth 150k euros; movable properties of around 80k euros,

    d) higher than industry ROI (thanks to our innovative business model), secured by our previous investments and inventory, optionally secured by company stock



    Our success of having over 80 thousand B2C customers and over 2600 suppliers and B2B customers and stable growth is achieved by our long term vision, long term partnerships with clients, employees and customers and by our efficiency at delivering and keeping delivering even in the more difficult times.

    So if you are an investor, banker, venture capitalist, enthusiast with money, a fundraiser or anyone that can give us support, WE NEED YOUR HELP now.

  • Stefan Durina 11:12 on April 27, 2014 Permalink |
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    TVPartner | Today I bought 1000 pieces of iPhone 

    1000x iPhone 5s @ turbado

    1000x iPhone 5s turbado

    Business as usual at TVPartner.eu [our B2B trading company that is also supplying 99% of all goods sold at Turbado], we bought and sold 1000 pieces of Apple iPhone 5s on Friday.

    Suppliers try to push the prices up, buyers try to push the prices down, and between them is the small profit margin our trading company makes.

    We are happy about it, we make money and keep good relationship with many reliable buyers,  sellers and traders.

    TVPartner business, thanks to our colleagues Janos and Krisztina, is a pleasure to be a part of it.


    Turbado will be shortly starting to offer these iPhones in 5 countries and I would like to compare the online retail prices as of today in those 5 countries: Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Most of the price conscious buyers go and look for the best deals on price comparison websites:

    Slovakia: heureka.sk | VAT 20% | net price 440.42eur |

    Czech Republic: heureka.cz | VAT 21% | net price 11644.63czk = 424.07eur |

    Hungary: argep.hu | VAT 27% | net price 130622.05huf = 424.40eur |

    Poland: ceneo.pl | VAT 23% | net price 1906.51pln = 454.73eur |

    Spain: shopmania.es | VAT 21% | net price 463.00eur |


    For wholesalers [selling from their warehouse] the golden rule is to have profits above 3%. Traders [selling other’s stocks] can work with much lower profits, sometimes as low as 1%.

    So for a wholesaler to be profitable, he needs to buy in Poland below 440eur, in Hungary below 412eur and in Spain below 449.50eur and if the trader wants to get done any trades, he must have a purchase price below those prices. So the ideal business would be to buy in CZ and HU and sell in Spain and Poland.


    But the problem is, you won’t find anyone who will sell you even 2 pieces of iPhone at those price levels. All those lowest prices on the internet are not real. Those are all goods with incorrect prices, out of stock, second hand, operator locked, under contract, or have other handicaps. Those are not products you can build your company on, or base your customer’s trust on. The real thing sells in retail above 500 eur net. Check your closest operator shop, like Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and ask them for a quote on a new original unit without contract or operator logo. You can subtract the VAT and about 15% profit margin and get the wholesale price.

    Well, we at Turbado, we only give you 100% original product, you won’t find from us any handicapped units. We would love to offer our customers those low prices, but it would compromise our business operation and we want to be here for you for long time. So we want to give you the best value for your money. Free shipping to you and from you, brand new models, and best add-on services. Guaranteed. If you want to learn more about all the services we offe, check out my previous post: What is Turbado. Or read our average customer’s story to understand us even better.

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    Turbado @ CEBIT 2014 

    Turbado has been present at CEBIT 2014, from 10 to 14 March 2014 in Hannover, Germany.

    This was our official CEBIT presentation page as an exhibitor.

    Our booth was located at hall 14, Planet reseller, J52/57

    Turbado @ CEBIT 2014

    Turbado @ CEBIT 2014

    CEBIT was a real success for the Turbado team and we would like to thank a lot to Cristina Moreira from GLOBAL FAIRS TT-MESSE for all she has done to make our exhibition to look better.

    And a special thanks to Stephen Rafferty and Ed Elliot from IPT.CC that we could be a part of the IPT marketplace this year.

    And a big thanks, for their hard work, to my colleagues: Lucie Czernerova, Piroska Marot, Janos Nemeth and Krisztina Tiboldi from TVPartner

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        yes, it really was nice to be there and explain others what we do and get their feedback. I met with many companies in person and I had only a few short moments to describe our company, the best and easiest way was to tell it like this:

        Turbado is like any internet shop you like = we have competitive prices, ready stock, quick shipping and good customer care. you pay once for your item and you will never pay more, only get money back when you return your item.

        When you buy from turbado, you can do the same things with your item as if you have bought it elsewhere = sell it, give it away, use it as long as you want it, loose it…

        What Turbado is different is when you have a problem with your device, we exchange it 1to1, you don’t need to wait 1 week or 1 month to get your item repaired, but you get a new working unit immediately and continue using it. And you always get partial money back when you return your used phone, anytime.

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